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Philippine Duterte Signs Laws To Help Banks Deal With Bad Loan Companies

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday signed a law that would help the country's banks download acid loans through asset management companies to speed up the process of cleaning up their books. The new law would help banks shrink their pile of bad loans and other non-performing assets, officials said, allowing financial institutions to expand credit and help the pandemic Philippine the economy is recovering. "The new law will help keep the banking system stable despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic," Bangko Sentral ng Philippine Governor Benjamin Diokno said in a telephone message. To pay the costs of transferring…

Massachusetts banks await repayment of business loans after COVID pursues savings, mortgages

For bankers like everyone else, 2020 was a year to manage COVID-19: make sure branches are secure, customers are cared for and employees are healthy while processing a mountain of Paycheck Protection Program loans.It was also a hectic year for home loans - sales of single-family homes increased across the region - and a year when many Americans saved more money than usual.The personal savings rate, calculated as a percentage of income, increased in 2020 when people worked but had fewer places to spend. That spike subsided as the summer wore on, but savings still remained higher than it was…

Rising Bank launches mortgage loans, insurance and Zelle on its digital platform

ST. LOUIS, February 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / - Rising Bank, a digital bank that provides convenient access to market-leading financial products with some of the best interest rates available, has expanded its product line to include mortgages and insurance. Rising bank customers have also gained access to Cell®. Rising Bank has expanded to the mortgage sector to help homeowners with home loan options. Whether customers want to buy or refinance, Rising Bank helps remove the complexity of mortgages. With competitive prices and personal service, Rising Bank offers tailor-made financial solutions on an easy-to-use digital platform. Conventional loans as well…

Good bank loan approvals see long delays

"Many properties are traded outside the market," says Blamey. “Predefined finances can be the difference between success and failure in a negotiated business. This means that buyers must be able to move quickly and be sure of financing when a good property becomes available. ”Other agents claim that mortgage approvals blow out from about 20 to 60 business days as lenders struggle with rapidly rising demand and a growing backlog of applications, exacerbated by COVID-19."Some lenders don't even open the files in 21 days," says Karen Firth, an agent in Perth, where markets are booming as the local economy picks…

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