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Super Bowl LV Betting Guide and DraftKings NFL Fantasy Football picks

Super Bowl LV Game Guide | DraftKings Sportsbook Money and handles Pat Mayo, Brad Evans and Jeff Ratcliffe discuss their favorite Super Bowl games against spread and favorite games. Then, Matt Meiselman from DraftKings Sportsbook joins the show to break down where the money comes in and trends to cover. Finally, the Super Bowl LV betting guide is limited to Mayo's favorite Super Bowl bet. Place your The NFL is betting on DraftKings Sportsbook and satsa online past downloads the DraftKings Sportsbook app. Big Game Prop Profit Boosts Increase your profits 25% on selected Big Game props! See DraftKings Sportsbook…

North Korean hackers are accused of massive cryptocurrency theft

Federal authorities said Wednesday that three North Korean computer programmers have been charged with misconduct a series of cyber attacks to try to steal and extort more than $ 1.3 billion in cash and cryptocurrencies from financial institutions and corporations.The programmers, who are part of a North Korean military intelligence agency, are also accused of creating and distributing "several malicious cryptocurrency applications, and fraudulently developing a blockchain platform, according to a press release from the Department of Justice.And the schedule also deployed repeated "spearfishing" campaigns from 2016 to early 2020 targeting U.S. Department of Defense employees, the State Department and…

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden mix for 89 factors when the Nets overtake the Hawks in OT

Kyrie Irving questioned layup vs Hawks traditional uniformsATLANTA (AP) - Kevin Durant scored 32 factors and James Harden had 31 to guide a productive evening for Brooklyn's three large scorers and the Nets struck Atlanta Hawks 132-128 in additional time on Wednesday evening.Harden added 15 assists and eight rebounds. Kyrie Irving scored 26 factors for Brooklyn.Trae Younger had 28 factors and 14 assists for Atlanta. Cam reddish scored a season-high 24 factors whereas John Collins and De'Andre Hunter every had 21 factors.Durant's dunk gave the Nets a lead of 127-121 within the additional time. After Younger made certainly one of…

Perspective | “A moment of truth”? After years of Trump’s lies, reinforced by MAGA media, it proved impossible for most Republicans

This senate trial would not be a contest between lawyers or between political parties, said the Maryland Democrat, who led the prosecution team and tried to make the case that the 45th president had encouraged the January 6 attack on the Capitol.No, the trial would be and should be "a moment of truth for America."As it turned out, the truth was well served in the trial, at least on one side. Raskin and the other house managers made an indisputable case. It was so undeniable that even the former president's greatest enabler, Mitch McConnell, admitted what the facts were: that…

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