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“Should I pursue a doctorate? ... ”Many pastors and others in the service of theological master's degree have asked themselves that question. I struggled with this question myself, and for the past three decades since I received my doctorate, I have walked with others as...

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Boise State University Collaborates with Healthcare Financial Management Association for Proposed Master’s Degree in Population and Health Systems

Boise, Idaho, February 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Boise State University is partnering with the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) to launch a first-class master's program. Pending the Idaho State Board of Approval, which is expected this spring, this degree will give future caregivers the opportunity to make money. Master in population and health system management degree together with four industry-recognized certificates for care financing offered through HFMA. The degree was designed to meet the unmet needs of an in-depth master's level program with a focus on value-based care. The program's distinctive faculty provides broad experience of clinical, operational and…

I slept in an Audi RS 6 Avant wagon on a 14-degree night to prove that you don’t need an SUV for ‘utility’

"Remind me why we are doing this again?" my boyfriend, the real hero of this story, asks."Because blogs!" I scream while pulling on a pair of thick, wool socks. "We're doing it for the blogs! We live and die by the blogs!"It's just past 11 p.m., but instead of tucking into a bed with a nice feather mattress and a down comforter, we are suiting up. Suiting up in long underwear, synthetic thermal layers, wool caps, and sweaters. Ominous or FILLED WITH POTENTIAL? You decide. Kristen Lee There is a red 2021 Audi RS 6 Avant station wagon parked in…

UK degree fraud: 85 fake university websites have been removed in five years

Eighty-five fake UK university websites have been shut down over the past five years as part of a government crackdown on degree fraud, according to Jisc, the UK Higher Education and Technology Office.False degrees are a growing problem as job candidates try to stand out in a competitive job market.Among the fake universities that were closed was Newcastle Business College, which claimed that it took thousands of British students to its campus every year, but still had no physical premises in the UK and a telephone number that only went to the voicemail. An investigation showed that it offered fake…

[Full text] Mirabegron Alleviates the Degree of Burden Experienced by Caregivers o | CIA

Introduction The life expectancy of older adults has significantly increased due to better living conditions and improved medical treatment.1 Despite the potential to live longer and with a good quality of life, many older patients, suffer from multiple diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, urinary incontinence (UI), etc. Such pathologic conditions are responsible for an ever-increasing demand for health and social care. Yet, these demands are increasingly more difficult to meet due to a corresponding reduction in the number of younger people available to care for the dependent elderly. Incontinence in elderly adults is costly to manage, a significant risk factor…

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