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Low credit score? Past violations, bankruptcies or other negative marks on your credit reports? These are problems that many Americans face and do not know what to do with. But if you know where to look by going to one of the best credit repair...

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More consumers are complaining about errors in their credit reports

Lenders use the score as a snapshot of whether you are likely to repay a loan. Points can also be checked when you apply for a job or a lease. The higher the score, the better. Paying bills on time and keeping credit card ages low helps increase your score.Due to the complexity of the credit reporting system, consumers may feel weak when they find an error and try to fix it.A student borrower in California, for example, complained in December of a 200-point drop in credit due to "incorrect" information reported by a student borrower. The service said it…

APRIL ANDERSON: “Check Your Credit Report” Campaign

The survey at the end of the year also extended reminder participants about their knowledge of credit reports. A quarter of the respondents in the survey reported that they knew little or nothing about how long the information remained on a credit report, while others reported that they knew little or nothing about how the information is received in their report or how that information affects their report.Information is placed on an individual's credit report when a creditor chooses to report to one, two or all three of the major credit reporting agencies. In general, an individual must have an…

What is credit monitoring and how does it work?

Credit monitoring can protect your financial future. (iStock)Your credit is the key to financial opportunity. A credit score, credit history and more make it easier (and cheaper) to buy a house, rent a car, take out a personal loan or even get a job or an apartment, while bad credit will do the opposite.As such, you monitor your credit score and overall credit information regularly is the key. This can allow you to detect errors or instances of identity fraud before they can hurt your score or your finances.If you are not already monitoring your credit, that's OK. It's not…

Why 760 is the only credit score that matters – and how to work your way forward

The best creditworthiness possible can be one perfect 850, but experts suggest that a 760-point gives you the same benefits.Generally have one good credit score pays off because it shows lenders and credit card issuers that you are more likely to repay your loan and thus less risky to lend money to. At 760, consumers are likely to qualify for the same top credit cards, loans and interest rates as they would with any higher score."The best published interest rates for car loans are 720+ and for mortgages 760+," says financial expert John Ulzheimer, formerly FICO and Equifax. CNBC Select.…

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