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Woody Allen smashes HBO’s “Allen v. Farrow” as “hatchet job”

The infamous filmmaker Woody Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, have spoken out against HBO's "Allen v. Farrow" documentary, arguing that Allen abused his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow.On Sunday, Allen and Soon-Yi released a joint statement via Allen's sister, Letty Aronson, turns on four parts investigative series as a "fuzzy hit" and a "laugh full of falsehood."The lively HBO project, which contains disturbing accusations from the now 35-year-old Dylan Farrow, also examines Allen's relationship with Soon-Yi, which began when Allen was 57 and she was 21.Soon-Yi is the adopted daughter of actress Mia Farrow and composer André Previn, whom Farrow…

Cowboys’ Dak Prescott responds to Tom Brady, Bucs move on to NFC title game: ‘Hold my crutches’

Tom Brady is not entirely human, and it is more or less a sure assumption to make. At age 43, the six-time Super Bowl winner is about to land a seventh after conquering Drew Brees and that New Orleans Saints in the NFC Division Round to beat his ticket to the NFC title game - in just his first season with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On Monday, the latter point was used on social media to take a jab on Dallas Cowboys, who have not been in the NFC title game since winning their fifth Super toast in the mid-1990s and…

HSN only knocked down almost 50 percent of a vacuum oblique disinfectant

Refinery 29The best affordable vacuum cleaners that budgets can buyWelcome to Hype Machine, our hit list of the most reviewed products online - according to a lot of expensive shoppers. Call this your 4-star & only-club, with entry from our dedicated store editors. Buying a vacuum can feel a bit like buying wine. Yes, you fit well with pasta and you clean the floors, but hear us. Prices can range from suspiciously low to insanely high, and it can be hard to know where the sweet spot is if you're not ready to head out for a premium Dyson. Fortunately,…

The creator of ‘Bernie’ Mittens is collaborating with the teddy bear manufacturer

1 of 2FILE - In this January 20, 2021 file photo, Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Wears gloves as he attends President Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony at the US Capitol in Washington. Sanders says the woolen gloves he wore at the ceremony that sparked endless quirky memes on social media have helped raise $ 1.8 million over the past five days for charities in his home state of Vermont through the sale of T-shirts, sweaters and stickers with the iconic image of him sitting with his arms and legs crossed in his brown parka and recycled wool gloves (Jonathan Ernst /…

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