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“Super” View: Space station flying over Tampa during Super Bowl LV

article Soichi Noguchi shared this view of Tampa from the space station. North is to the right. It's Tampa International Airport in the middle, with Raymond James Stadium just below it. TAMPA, Fla. - Super Bowl LV in Tampa will have an out-of-this world flyover. Sure, the Air Force sends one rare trifle of bombers over Raymond James Stadium which the national anthem ends. But the International Space Station will also hover overhead later in the game. USAF B-1, B-2 and B-52 will fly at 1000 feet or so, as they did in last week's rehearsal. However, the space station…

FEMA asked the Pentagon for help with vaccination efforts. The Pentagon is delivered

(Newser) "The Pentagon will deploy troops to help Americans be vaccinated against COVID-19," the White House said Friday. Coronavirus senior adviser Andy Slavitt announced that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has approved a request for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, according to AP. This means that about 1,000 active-duty military personnel will deploy to assist state vaccination centers. President Biden has called for the establishment of 100 mass vaccination centers around the country within a month. Two are opening in California, and Slavitt said military personnel will arrive at these centers in just over a week. Slavitt said…

Is It Worth It To Hire A Lawyer For Truck Accidents? – The Good Men Project

- This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. A total of 4136 people died in major truck crashes in 2018, according to United States Department of Transportation. There are no secret truck accidents that lead to fatal consequences and that a truck accident lawyer is needed. But how do you know exactly when to hire one? There are some important things to consider if you need a lawyer for your truck accident. Read below to find out if you need to rent one truck accident lawyer. What caused the accident? One of…

Weelywally sydney. pet collection is a cozy space for dogs and cats to sleep

Weelywally sydney. pet bed collection is compatible with dogs and cats and presents itself as a mini house where your hairy friend can relax and sleep. This is a must if your pet likes to have his alone time and is not disturbed while sleeping. Not to mention that its house shape makes it visible in the living room or bedroom. In addition, it has a fabric floor to keep the body and paws warm during cooler months. And it is designed with smooth edges to minimize damage to your pet as they go in and out of bed. In…

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