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On Monday, Sara Goldrick-Rab tweeted an idea that I could not get out of my head: "Every so-called" four-year "bachelor's degree should provide an associate's degree along the way." The idea is to acknowledge that life happens, and that if a student's educational path is...

A degree in criminology combines a variety of disciplines, including psychology, philosophy and, yes, criminal law - all to understand people and their behaviors. In addition to studying the mind.

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Yahoo Finance Julia La Roche joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss Elon Musk, who is grilling Robinhood's CEO in the Clubhouse audio app.Video printing[MUSIC PLAYING]ADAM SHAPIRO: We've talked a lot about GameStop and the phenomenon that retail investors can withstand big bucks. Julia La Roche knows many people on both sides of that equation. We take her into the stream, because Elon Musk also gives Robinhood a barbecue. What do you have for us, Julia?JULIA LA ROCHE: Well, last night - of course, if you heard about the clubhouse, it's ... it's the voice chat app that's raging right now…

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Social media users have been captivated by the situation of a woman named Tessica Brown, her decision to use Gorilla Glue instead of hairspray and an outrageous, month-long quest to undo a seemingly permanent hairstyle.It all started when Mrs. Brown ran out of her usual hairspray, Got2b Limad. In a pinch, she chose to use another product she had on hand to finish her hair: Gorilla Spray Adhesive, made by Gorilla Glue."Bad, bad, bad idea," she said and TikTok was published last week who warned others to make the same mistake.After more than 15 washes, various treatments and a trip…

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A massive pileup of 30 vehicles on the Yellowstone River Bridge in Billings, Montana, critically injured two people on Saturday, authorities said.The people jumped from the bridge to avoid being hit by a car, it Montana Highway Patrol tweeted. Both were in hospital and are expected to recover. Minor injuries were also reported but no deaths.Rescue workers respond to a crash near Billings, Mont., On Saturday.Montana Highway Patrol via Twitter"I would say this is the biggest accident and winter accident I've seen in my nearly 20 years with the fire department," said Billings Fire Chief Jason Lyon. Billings Gazette.State Department…

Martin Odegaard another victim of Real Madrid’s deficient youth policy

Real Madrid midfielder Martin Odegaard (REUTERS)While Martin Odegaardarrival should rightly have Arsenal fans happy, it's a completely different feeling he leaves behind Real Madrid.When Odegaard signed in the Spanish capital in January 2015, his transfer from Stromsgodset was the city's call and with good reason.Odegaard's arrival was the first obvious Madrid that finally wanted to move away from their traditional Galactico model, that they finally adopted a new transfer strategy where they buy and market young people and turn them into stars.Since then, the club has spent over £ 400 million on players aged 23 or younger when they signed.…

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