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The White House announces a comprehensive immigration bill

Legislation is facing a rising tide in a narrowly divided congress, where Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi has only five margins and the Senate Democrats do not have the 60 democratic votes needed to implement the measure with only their party's support. Administration officials claimed Wednesday night that the legislation was an attempt by President Joe Biden to restart a conversation about reviewing the US immigration system and said he remained open to negotiations."He's been in the Senate for 36 years, and he's the first to tell you that the legislative process may look different at the other end than where…

The new Ram Dakota has been discontinued

As you hopefully know by now, GM authority covers General Motors obsessively. But sometimes we learn exclusive information about the General's competitors, which is the case today. Specifically, the Ram Dakota project has been suspended, GM authority has learned from sources within Stallantis. For those readers who may not know, Stellantis is a new car company formed by the merger between Fiat Chrysler and the French car giant Groupe PSA. It was originally thought that the new company would introduce a new medium-sized truck with the nameplate Ram Dakota, which was discontinued after the 2011 model year. The new Ram…

Political scientists say that the BLM curriculum is “destructive” for black society

Political researcher Carol M. Swain mocked Black Lives Matter the curriculum on Monday and argues that it harms students and destroys black society."The curriculum for Black Lives Matter and being embraced in too many places is truly destructive to the black community and the Black family and racial justice," said Swain, a former professor at Vanderbilt and Princeton.She made these comments to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who reported on DC Public Schools embracing Black Lives Matter "week of action." "Ingraham Angle" received a document given to teachers and described the "guiding principles" of the action week, which included "disturbs…

Golden Globes technical problems cause stars, viewers respond: ‘Can you hear me now?’

As the Golden Globes went virtually this year in the middle of coronavirus pandemicviewers could not help but notice obvious technical problems.During the evening's first award, viewers could not hear Daniel Kaluuya's acceptance number after winning the best performance of an actor in a supporting role in any film. He deserved credit for his role in "Judas and the Black Messiah. "After a few seconds of dead air, the cameras went back to presenter Laura Dern, the problems were eventually worked out and the cameras returned to Kaluuya, 32."Can you hear me now?" he joked before delving into his acceptance…

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