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Private Internet access VPN: Fast, secure anonymity for the cheap

VPNs have been around since the mid-90s, but recent global events, aka COVID-19, have forced these privacy platforms into consumers' headlights as millions of users are now looking for ways to make their online experiences safer and more private. The biggest problem that many users face today is simply choosing which VPN is best for his or her personal use case. Some VPN devices focus on speed while others are designed solely for privacy and anonymity. Pricing for this type of privacy can vary anywhere from free to $ 20 / month or more if you use multiple devices. So…

Frontier was called to testify about the Internet service before the delegate’s committee

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - West Virginia Delegates House is calling on the state's largest internet provider, Frontier Communications, to testify under oath of ongoing broadband problems.The unanimous vote came during Wednesday's meeting with the Technology and Infrastructure Committee after a discussion on how to increase reliable service throughout the state. The proposal requires Frontier to provide the committee with documents related to broadband expansion, finance, support programs, regulated activities, ongoing disputes and settlements. It also set a hearing for Frontier leaders to answer lawmakers' questions on March 10."We need to hold them accountable, but beyond that we also need to…

Science and Technology: Internet Speed ​​Tests: Quickly Measure the Lame Line

Speed ​​Tacho Speed-Tacho: Several tests present visualization of the measurement in this way. Photo: Andrea Warnick / dpa-tmn (Photo: dpa) Incidentally, not all speed tests are also designed to test faster gigabit connections But before customers contact their ISP, they have to run a speed test to actually determine the bandwidth size. "During a speed test, data packets are sent back and forth to one or more test servers to get information about speed and latency," explains Christian Jest at Computerbild. The download and upload speed is measured directly in the browser or with the installers, but also the so-called…

Increase in internet, cable and telephony: the government will approve increases of 7.5% for February and 2.5% for March

The increase will be 7.5% for February and 2.5% for March (Photo: Bloomberg) As confirmed to . Official sources this afternoon, next week new increases in telecommunications services will be made official. A) Yes, Bills for Internet access services, cable TV and telephony, both fixed and mobile, will increase by 7.5% for February and 2.5% for March. The communication was to be made official in the first days of next week and with the help of a resolution from the National Telecommunications Unit which will be published in the Official Gazette. But as this media found out, there are conditions…

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