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ELI HELD (31), L.A. FOUNDER AND CEO MUERTOS COFFEE CO. About: I have always wanted to make a difference in my community. This passion led to a career as a firefighter-paramedic for the City of Folsom Fire Department in Greater Sacramento. I have been involved...

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Harris emphasizes that teachers must be given priority for Covid-19 vaccinations

WASHINGTON - Vice President Kamala Harris stressed on Wednesday that teachers should be given priority for Covid-19 vaccinations, but would not say whether she thought it would be a precondition for giving them shots to reopen schools.In her first live-to-network interview since taking office, Harris was asked by the "TODAY" series Savannah Guthrie if she could assure teachers that it would be safe for them to return to school even if they were not vaccinated."Teachers should be a priority," Harris said, adding that teachers "are critical to our children's development; they should be able to teach in a safe place…

Xiaomi’s new concept phone has a waterfall display on all four edges

Xiaomi has announced its latest phone concept: a "four-bend waterfall display." This means that the screen of the named phone not only has deep 88-degree "waterfall" curves on the left and right sides, but also on the top and bottom, leaving no room for ports or buttons. Xiaomi says this is intended to "extend the screen's limits to infinity" and enable "a true, portless unibody design." The obvious question is how it could work in the corners of the screen, and based on the commercials, it looks like Xiaomi is simply leaving them blank with small, rounded cutouts. Not entirely…

Donald Trump should not be part of the Republicans’ future

WASHINGTON - A House Republican press conference got awkward on Wednesday when Rope. Liz Cheney sa Donald Trump should not be part of the GOP's future - and did so while standing next to leaders who have supported the ex-president.Cheney fired Trump when asked if he should talk the Conservative Political Trade Conference (CPAC), something he's scheduled to do on Sunday."It's up to the CPAC," Cheney said, adding: "I do not think he should play a role in the future of the party or the country."Cheney's comments were received by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. - who also shows…

Always on ‘iPhone 13 screen can display persistent clock and battery icons | AppleInsider

"iPhone 13"could have one always on display," rumor has it, one that could potentially light up parts for a short period of time to display messages to the user without lighting up the entire screen.The update of the iPhone 2021 is already rumored to include some major changes in its screen technology. One of the functions, however, can be the always-on function that was introduced in Apple Watch Series 6.According to Max Weinbach via EverythingApplePro"iPhone 13" can use a screen that is always on. For users, this will mean that the lock screen will still show some important elements, but…

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