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Ontario Secretary of Education accused of scrubbing social media

The Canadian PressMillennial Money: Turn your quarantine business into moneyI made more online orders than I can count in 2020. And I motivated them all. My porch was filled with drawers that contained all sorts of things: furniture (I needed to renovate), paper towels (I needed to refill), crafts (I needed activities), board games (more activities) and a treadmill (I needed exercise). But to be honest, I bought a little too much. Take a look around your place. If your quarantine habits were even a bit like mine, you could make it a mess. Here's how. Too many things? SELL…

Previous special education at upper secondary school convicted in cases of child pornography

Print Tuesday, March 2, 2021Tyler Waldman, WBAL NewsRadio 1090 and FM 101.5 A former special education in high school was sentenced Tuesday to six years in prison for distributing child pornography, prosecutors said. U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett also ordered Laurel Peter Na'Shon Green to serve 25 years of probation and register as a sex offender when he was released. Greer, 42, reached an appeal with prosecutors. He admitted that he received and distributed child pornography as a member and administrator of an online chat group. In 2018, investigators discovered the chat group in a mobile app. They found…

6 benefits of children’s development of outdoor education

Outdoor learning helps children in their development by making children healthier, improved sensory skills and so much more! For quite some time one has school was always assumed to be a classroom with four walls inside a building, but what if we thought about it another option for our children? When schools reopen after some children have participated in distance learning - some of the COVID-19 restrictions put a lot on physical limitations on social interaction and physical exploration - has made it possible for children to spend time with the real world in a natural environment. Outdoor learning experiences…

EDsmart releases 2021’s best ranking for psychologist education online – Press release, a nationally recognized publisher of college resources and rankings, has released the 2021 edition of the best online psychologist programs. EDsmart's ranking of the best online psychologist programs is the most comprehensive and rounded to date. The ranking includes only fully accredited schools. Rankings are mainly based on affordable prices, while taking into account factors such as grading and retention according to the US Department of Education reporting and 20-year net ROI according to PayScale. "As online psychology degrees become more common, it's important to recognize the colleges and universities that go beyond that," said Tyson Stevens, editor-in-chief of…

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