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‘QAnon Shaman’ rioters will eat organic food, while most prisons and prisons have a reputation for serving unhealthy food

"The fact that this man is given this type of preference shows the double standard in the criminal justice system and in the detention system," said Pastor Al Sharpton, an iconic civil rights activist and founder of the National Action Network. His lawyers have argued in court that he demands an organic diet because of his belief in shamanism, an ideology that is "centered on the belief in supernatural phenomena such as gods, demons and ancestral spirits."DC District Court Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that the accommodation could be made for Chansley because he had been given organic food in custody…

Australian Open winner Naomi Osaka apologizes, saying she did not …

[embed][/embed]UPDATE: Apparently, Naomi Osaka suffered from a word-of-mouth error.Osaka took to social media today to clear confusion over her acceptance speech after winning Australian Open. At the moment, she called her second Jennifer Brady "Jennifer" even though she was told moments before that her preferred address was "Jenny.""Omg no," wrote Osaka on Twitter with two crying emojis. "I promise you my mind thought I was calling her Jenny at that moment and I was so confused about why the audience laughed. I'm sorry."PREVIOUSLY: Australian Open winner Naomi Osaka made a mistake in the name game. After Osaka's match with runner-up…

WH assistant TJ Ducklo resigns after humiliating the reporter despite Biden’s warning to shoot

Vice White House Press Secretary TJ Ducklo on Saturday said he resigned amid accusations that he did "derogatory and misogynistic"Politico reporter Tara Palmeri comments almost a month ago.Despite President Joe Biden's warning last month that he would fire staff "on the spot" if they were disrespectful to others, Ducklo was only suspended without pay for a week and apologized. Ducklo issued a statement on Saturday expressing his "remorse", "embarrassment" and "disgust" for his behavior."I used language that no woman should ever hear from anyone, especially in a situation where she was just trying to do her job," Ducklo said. "It…

Volvo will be fully electric by 2030

The Chinese-owned car manufacturer announced plans on Tuesday to stop selling cars that run on fossil fuels by 2030, part of an accelerating trend in the industry to respond to pressure to address the climate crisis. It also said that its new electric vehicles will only be sold online. The Swedish brand said that as part of the transition, it wants half of its sales in 2025 to be electric cars and the other half hybrids. This means that it will stop selling vehicles that run on petrol or diesel only in just four years. The goals are aggressive for…

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