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Blues Duncan James has £ 5,000 “cleared from bank account” by thieves in email fraud

Duncan James has commented on the moment he realized he had been robbed of £ 5,000 after falling for a scam. The 42-year-old Blue singer has said that thieves "cleaned" his bank account after receiving a fake e-mail from HMRC. He now warns others to be deceived by online robbers and check out anything that asks for money or bank details. Before his appearance in The Circles' celebrity series, Duncan told fans: "There are lots of catfish out there, you can never trust anyone. "We watch TV shows in horrible situations where people have been exploited to the point where…

Should you cancel your balance transfer card? | Bank interest

Balance transfer credit cards can be a valuable tool if your goal is to become debt free. After all, cards in this niche offer 0 percent APR on transferred balances over an introductory period, which can help you save money and pay down debt at a much faster rate.But what happens when you have paid down your balances to zero? Does a credit card balance transfer close the account? And is it bad to cancel a credit card when the balance transfer has been paid off in full?If you have successfully used a balance transfer to eliminate all your credit…

Review of USAA Bank Loans | The ascent

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to go with a USAA mortgage. But this lender is not right for everyone. Below are some of the best benefits and things that can be improved with USAA mortgages.The best benefitsCustomer satisfaction. USAA often surpasses all other banks in both the JD Power 2020 Primary Mortgage Origin Satisfaction Survey and the JD Power 2020 Primary Mortgage Services Satisfaction Survey.USAA earns an A from the Better Business Bureau. This means that it received a score of at least 90 out of 100, which means that when people submit complaints, the company is responsive.No…

Citizens Bank is hosting the fourth annual Small Business Champion Award

PROVIDENCE, RI - (BUSINESS MANAGEMENT) - Today, Citizens announced that they have opened their annual Champion Award competition for small businesses, which aims to recognize the positive contributions small businesses make to their communities. Now in its fourth year, the competition will award $ 10,000 each to 30 small businesses across Citizens' 11-state footprint, including at least ten minority-owned and ten women-owned companies, to further strengthen their communities and businesses. Nominations are open until March 1, 2021, 17:00 ET. This year, it is the largest dividend pool for the Citizens Small Business Community Champion Award to date - expanded to…

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