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Drivers in the state of Nevada are required to have a minimum liability insurance to drive legally. The legal minimum is 25/50/20, but it is possible (and in many cases desirable) to buy more than the minimum to have best car insurance in Nevada.You must...

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Jessica Simpson reacts to Subway’s trial with a funny joke about her infamous 2003 tuna accident

Jessica Simpson has fun weighed in Subwaylatest trial.This month the fast food giant was sued for fraud by two complainants who claim that the sandwich chain does not actually use tuna in its tuna sandwiches. The fast food giant denied the allegations on Friday, writing: "There is simply no truth to the allegations in the complaint filed in California. Subway delivers 100% cooked tuna to its restaurants, which are mixed with mayonnaise and used in freshly made sandwiches, wraps and salads. served to and enjoyed by our guests. "Enter Simpson, who on Friday reacted to the viral news story on…

7 meaty apps to serve at the Super Bowl Sunday

who is hungry?Whether you are excited about Chiefs or Buccaneers, den half time show or the commercialscan all Super Bowl viewers agree on one thing: It should be plenty of food.Fuel your fandom on February 7 with this winning compilation of meaty apps - if they are not caught on the way out of the kitchen, it is.Sweet and spicy bacon-packed meatballs Sweet and spicy bacon-packed meatballs (The Gunny Sack)Nothing wins over a crowd like bacon, and these bacon-packed meatballs from The Gunny Sack is sure to please. Check out the recipe here.SUPER BOWL BUMMER: CDC WARNS AGAINST "I" PARTIES…

China arrests Australian TV host suspected of spying

"Chinese authorities have announced that Cheng was arrested on suspicion of illegally supplying state secrets abroad," Payne said, adding that "the Australian government has raised serious concerns about Cheng's detention at a higher level on a regular basis, including her welfare and conditions of detention." " Australian consular officials have visited Cheng regularly because she was detainedno later than 27 January 2021. Cheng was a business anchor at CGTN, the international arm of China's state television broadcaster CCTV, which has since cut all references to her from its website and social media.According to a profile of her now removed, the…

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un cannot form a nuclear power, says a former diplomat

In his first interview since he left the South more than a year ago, Ryu Hyeon-woo told CNN that "North Korea's nuclear power is directly linked to the regime's stability" - and Kim believes nuclear weapons are probably the key to his survival.Ryu also said that previous US administrations had boxed themselves into a corner by demanding denuclearization in advance in negotiations with the totalitarian state."The United States cannot withdraw from nuclear development and Kim Jong Un cannot lead nuclear power," he added.The former diplomat, who adopted the name Ryu when he moved to the south, is one of several…

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