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Some of his followers are wanted by the FBI. That does not stop the leader of the Oath Keepers.

Rhodes is still selling the falsehood that the election was illegal. He says Biden's administration and supporters in Congress should be seen as an occupying enemy force and issues warnings about what he claims are 365 million armed patriots ready to "stand up". "There will be resistance. The only question is what will be the spark," Rhodes said in an interview on January 30 at Infowars, a media organization that is one of the leading suppliers of conspiracy theories in the United States. "They keep pushing," he said of who he calls "leftists." "That's why it's important ... Let them…

Paul George ‘super-relieved’ him and Kawhi Leonard recovered from the COVID-19 protocol

Paul George said he was "super relieved" that he and Kawhi Leonard are healthy after having to enter the NBA Health and Safety Protocol.George and Leonard were cleared of the protocol and returned to assist visitors LA Clippers cruise past Orlando Magic 116-90 on Friday."We played so well, it was unfortunate that we had to take a break, but safety is first," said George. "We acknowledge that first and foremost."Due to contact tracing, George and Leonard were on record for only four days. They went into quarantine on Monday when the team left Los Angeles for Atlanta to start a…

Biden upgrades Trump’s calculation of who receives federal vaccination assistance

WASHINGTON - When the Biden White House began looking for places for four little ones vaccination centers over the state of New York ranked federal agency officials the best places based on a social county council vulnerability index "which measures average income, unemployment, race and a dozen other factors.The data says that Chautauqua County, a sparsely populated expanse known primarily for its wine farms, was a leading candidate to get vaccine shot to underserved.But government officials said no. There were better places than Chautauqua to achieve the White House goal of vaccinating more black and brown people, they said. They…

The British Queen’s husband Prince Philip, 99, was admitted to hospital

LONDON (AP) - Britain's 99-year-old Prince Philip has been admitted to a London hospital after feeling unwell, Buckingham Palace said on Wednesday.The palace said Queen Elizabeth II's husband was admitted to the private King VII Hospital on Tuesday night.It called the recognition "a precautionary measure" taken on the advice of Philip's doctor. The palace said Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, was expected to stay for a few days of "observation and rest."His illness is not thought to be related to COVID-19. The Queen and Philip received a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine in early January.Prime Minister…

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