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The WHO team launches COVID-19 origin investigation

A WHO-led international mission has launched investigations in China to try to determine the origin of SARS-CoV-2. John Zarocostas reports on his business.With new COVID-19 infections still spreading rapidly and healthcare systems reaching their limits, the public interest is focused on WHO-led international missions in China to investigate the origin of the virus that initiated the pandemic."No one should doubt that this is a scientific exercise," said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, on 18 January 2021, a few days after the mission arrived in China, in a clear step to protect the work of the WHO the political…

Canelo Álvarez acabo to Turkish Avni Yildirim by night

[embed][/embed]The Mexican multi-champion defended exclusively the titles of AMB and CMB Supermedian pesos at the Hard Rock Stadium in MiamiThe Mexican Canelo Álvarez team with the prognosticators and noqueo in Turkish Avni Yildirim to defend in addition the champion of the Supermediano peso of the World Council and the World Association of Boxing at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.Cinnamon fue dominant of the principle of combat, establishing conditions with its small fronts to Yildirim, which of the principle of persecution accuses the power of the Mexican.The Turkish apenas can connect 11 goals in the three rounds that the match…

Android spyware trunks linked to state-sponsored Confucius threat group | ZDNet

Two variants of Android spyware affiliated with pro-India, state-sponsored hacking campaigns have been discovered. On Tuesday, the cyber security company Lookout said so two malicious program trunks, called Hornbill and SunBird, has been linked to Confucius, an advanced long-term threat group (APT) believed to be state-sponsored and have pro-India ties. First discovered in 2013, Confucius has been linked to attacks on government units in Southeast Asia, as well as targeted strikes against Pakistani military personnel, Indian election officials and nuclear agencies. According to the cyber security company, APT can reasonably be linked to Hornbill and SunBird, two forms of Android…

Fox News claims that it is “center-right.” This is certainly not.

When Fox News tries to calculate its place in a media landscape after Trump, the network has claimed that it is "middle-right". A ridiculous statement, say the critics - one that can easily be disproved by Fox's right-wing extremist prime covers but also by the tonal shift in a key talk at noon.Subnumber, which first debuted in 2014 as a female-led panel show (with a gimmicky "a lucky guy" as the only male panelist), has always stretched across Fox's increasingly blurred line sharing its "hard news" and opinions. But the show has long blinked at its "fair and balanced" references…

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