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(***)Business administration degree description

(***)Master programs online for social work

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Large increase in applications from people who want to work as caregivers in Wigan during a pandemic

Yasmine John, CEO of the care company My Care My HomeThis is the opinion of Yasmine John, CEO of the care company My Care My Home, which has seen the number of job applications in the Wigan rocket over the past 11 months.While she received 28 applications from potential employees in January 2020, last month she received a total of 124 in the district alone. The company also operates in Cornwall and South Wales and had more than 300 job applications in January, leading to the recruitment of a new recruiter to sort through them.Sign up to our daily newsletterThe…

What is credit monitoring and how does it work?

Credit monitoring can protect your financial future. (iStock)Your credit is the key to financial opportunity. A credit score, credit history and more make it easier (and cheaper) to buy a house, rent a car, take out a personal loan or even get a job or an apartment, while bad credit will do the opposite.As such, you monitor your credit score and overall credit information regularly is the key. This can allow you to detect errors or instances of identity fraud before they can hurt your score or your finances.If you are not already monitoring your credit, that's OK. It's not…

Pixels are changing the way artists sell their work online

If the madness of 2020 has taught us anything, it is the case that traditional ways of making money are out the window. Whether you used to work for an investment bank and have spent the past eight months sending out resumes from your couch, or whether you are an experienced real estate agent who has struggled to find clients during a pandemic that forces social distance, you are probably a of the millions of Americans who have found their normal working lives completely upset. For better or worse, it seems that this will become the new normal in the…

Harrison restaurant owners remembered for generosity, work ethic

TribLIVE's daily and weekly email newsletter deliver the news you want and the information you need, directly to your inbox. If anyone ever called the Saxon Inn looking for Ralph McClain, he was never there. McClain thought that everyone who did not call him "Fritz" did not know him, said his daughter, Michelle Gutonski. "A lot of people never knew my father's first name," Gutonski said. "Everyone called him Fritz." Ralph L. “Fritz” McClainof Brackenridge, died Monday, February 15, 2021 at Allegheny Valley Hospital in Harrison following a long illness. He was 80 years old. McClain lived most of his…

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(***)Internet access must be limited to students

(***)College students benefits

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