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The Texas utility commission refuses to turn over $ 16 billion in ERCOT overheads

About $ 16 billion in overheads for wholesale electricity collected due to a pricing error during the massive power outage last month will not be reversed, after Texas regulators rejected a recommendation that they make the change."It is almost impossible to clean up this type of egg," Arthur D'Andrea, the new chairman of the Public Utility Commission, said at a commission meeting on Friday.Potomac Economics, a Virginia-based state-funded company to provide an arm's length assessment of the Texas grid, recommended Thursday in a letter to the commission that overheads - billed to retailers, distributors and others - be reimbursed by…

Fed digital currency gains momentum with Democrats in power

WASHINGTON - Democratic leaders in the Biden administration and Congress are raising the volume on the Federal Reserve's proposal to issue a digital currency and set up state-backed accounts to expand banking options to its customers.It has been no secret to the Fed studying the idea of issues a digital dollar on the heels of other countries, such as China and Japan, are actively testing the digital currencies of their own central banks.But last month, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reaffirmed the administration's approval of a US-backed digital currency, saying it could result in "faster, more secure and cheaper payments" for…

Washington Post editorial recommends response from China on pandemic origins. panned, famous on Twitter

The Washington Post's editorial board gathers both critical and positive reactions social media after publishing an article on Friday that demanded a response from China about the origin of coronavirus pandemic.In the paragraph, the board writes it while researcher have theorized that the mortals virus had spread from animals such as bats, the possibility of a laboratory accident or leakage must be "investigated." CNN HAPPENS FOR REPORT BINDING OF COMPOSITIONS TO CHINA AFTER "PARROTING CCP TALKING POINTS" FOR 10 MONTHSThey referred Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) research on bat coronaviruses, and noted that lead Dr. Shi Zhengli said that the…

Texas Electricity Firm Files Bankruptcy with $ 1.8 Billion Network Operator Bill

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Texas' largest and oldest electric power cooperative filed for bankruptcy on Monday in federal court in Houston, citing a $ 1.8 billion dispute from the state's grid operator. Brazos Electric Power Cooperative Inc is one of dozens of electricity suppliers facing huge charges stemming from a severe cold last month. The fallout threatens tools and power marketers who collectively face billions of dollars in blackout-related fees, executives say. Unusually cold temperatures knocked out nearly half of the state's power plants in mid-February, leaving 4.3 million people without heat or light for several days, blowing up water pipes…

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