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Parents, residents complain about the rural internet service for education

In recent years, and especially since March 2020, St.Joseph County residents have relied on the Internet not only to connect with the world but to work and for their students to continue their education through online learning.But many residents feel frustrated about their internet service or, for some, the lack of it.According to St. Joseph County, according to the Broadband Access Map website, lacks many areas of reliable broadband - high speed - internet service.Internet accessibility per school areaIn St. Joseph County, according to the Broadband Access Map website, the fastest upload speed in the county is 1,000 megabytes per…

Analysis: The deal for Higher Education Statehouse begins next week

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Next year, Idaho Education News will provide an in-depth, ongoing coverage of the challenges facing higher education during the coronavirus pandemic. Here is our latest part of this project.) If you have not had an ongoing mood, Wednesday will be day 52 of the 2021 legislative session. For Idaho colleges and universities, the session begins in earnest on Wednesday. This is the day when the joint committee for financial grants will write budget bills for the state's four-year colleges and universities and community colleges. The big battle will focus on the four-year schools: Boise State University, the University…

Education Committee – Week 7, 2021

FLOOR ACTION: SF 261 - Allows the College Student Aid Commission to organize a non-profit organization SF 261 would create a non-profit organization, which is a mechanism for receiving tax-deductible donations from individuals and organizations. This enables the College Student Aid Commission to apply for grants from contributors who award only 501 (c) (3) units, such as the Bradley Foundation, Hearst Foundation, Kresge Foundation, and Spencer Foundation. It will ensure the successful collection of the Agency while setting appropriate limits to prevent it from exceeding its status and functioning as a unit of state. The ability of Iowa College Aids…

The easy ways to save money on higher education

When you hear the student loan debt has reached $ 1.7 trillion collectively across the country, it's easy to forget the actual people who deal with this burden every day of life. Lots of borrowers have monthly payments that they can easily afford, but others have so much debt that they worry they will never pay off. Furthermore, Brookings Institution says that about 6% of student borrowers have more than six figures in student loan debt. If you are worried about getting into this unfortunate position, or if you have a subordinate or family member who is going to school…

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