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NASA’s SLS rocket will undergo a second and longer heat test

NASA is coming performance a second heat test for the space launch system's rocket stage already in the fourth week of February. It will be part of the rocket's Green Run series of tests designed to assess the nuclear phase and ensure that it is ready for the Artemis I mission, which sends an unmanned Orion spacecraft to the moon. The rocket is first hot fire test ever in mid-January, where all four of its RS-25 engines fired simultaneously, was discontinued due to a problem with its hydraulic system. What would be an eight-minute burn lasted only 67 seconds -…

The Herrick Library helps inform pet owners

My kids got what they called "the best gift ever" for Christmas this year: a puppy. Every day for at least a year, I heard the same question, "when can we have a puppy?" My son and daughter replaced all our screensavers with puppy photos and shared stories about their friends at the dining table. My daughter even created a slide show for us about the benefits that dogs have for children and families. Not surprisingly, my kids were over the moon to get a puppy like our family for Christmas. This is our first family dog. I had no…

Internet of Things Security Market Trend Technology, Development Plans and Future Growth Forecast 2025 – KSU | Sentinel Newspaper

The research report on Internet of Things Security Market provides a comprehensive analysis of market status and development trends, including types, applications, growth, opportunities, increasing technology, competitive landscape and product offerings for key players. The Internet of Things Security Market report covers current and past market scenarios, market development patterns and is likely to continue to develop during the forecast period. Get a copy of this report: The Internet of Things (IoT) security market has seen great growth in recent years with the increased automation in various verticals and the resulting threats. Some of the key players in the…

Sony Alpha 1 will be used in CBS’s Super Bowl LV coverage

CBS Sports is preparing for the production of the Super Bowl LV, and the recently announced Sony A1 seems to be a last minute addition to the equation. In a detailed story about SportsVideo, Jason Cohen, vice president of telecommuting at CBS Sports, says the A1 is likely to see itself in the field in MoVi desktop camera rigs that have provided an unusually shallow depth of field for both touchdown and side activity. Those special shots has become the focus of significant social media is buzzing when they were first rolled out in the middle of the season and…

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