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Finally, Democrats get the chance to engineer Obamacare 2.0

"Each of these changes individually is moderate, but stack on top of each other and you get a big boost to the Affordable Care Act," says Jonathan Cohn, author of "The Ten Years' War, “A new history of the health law. "It does not change the structure of the law, but it does make it much more generous."Those who are close to the effort say that its ambitions - and its limits - reflect the preferences of those who lead the way. Mr Biden, who was involved in the transition and rollout of Obamacare as vice president, ran on the…

Cuomo accused of unwanted progress at a wedding: ‘Can I kiss you?’

His prosecutors, however, were not silent: Charlotte Bennett, a former assistant who accused Mr Cuomo of sexual harassment, issued her first public statement then she reported her allegations in a New York Times article, saying the apology and attempts at explanation issued by the governor on Sunday night were regrettably inadequate. "These are not the actions of someone who simply feels misunderstood," Bennett wrote. "They are the actions of an individual who uses his power to avoid justice." Bennett also urged other women, if they had similar stories about Mr. Cuomo, to arrive. "If you choose to tell your truth,…

What did New Yorkers spend in 2020? The results may surprise you

ALBANY - Tax collection in New York fell by 10% last year compared to 2019 due to the COVID-10 pandemic, but some spending increased: online shopping and, yes, alcohol sales.The result Tuesday from the State Comptroller's Office provides a clear picture of where New Yorkers' spending habits were during the pandemic, when many stores and malls closed during the first months.And spending is crucial for local authorities: Sales tax is their main source of income, even more so than property taxes.In total, the municipalities raised about $ 1.8 billion less than in 2019, which is a big hit for their…

Super Bowl LV prop picks: Expect Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes to go again and again

The tent match for Super Bowl LV is obvious Patrick Mahomes against Tom Brady. Mahomes has played good ball throughout the year; Brady has been mostly good with some bad passes (two of his three interceptions against Packer were brutal throws, for example). Mahome's offensive line is not in such good shape that the edge goes to Brady, but Mahome's is more mobile and gives Chiefs an extra dimension to an already strong crime. My choice for the game is for Kansas City to win and cover three points, although I expect a close, high scoring game given that both…

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