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Are you considering changing your car insurance? Here are 5 cheapest companies in Illinois

Cairo is the southernmost city in Illinois. Generally pronounced care-o of natives and kay-ro by others it is located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers - this part of Illinois is known as Little Egypt. (Wikipedia)Other Illinois cities with international names include Athens, Belgium, Canton, Columbia, Crete, Havana, Palestine, Panama, Paris, Peru, Rome and Venice.And there are many other American cities called Cairo - they are located in Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oregon and West Virginia.

Soundview Cinemas loses lawsuit against insurance company – The Island Now

Port Washington's Soundview Cinemas have lost a lawsuit against their insurance company over financial losses they suffered as a result of having to shut down operations due to government mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Rose Weldon) A lawsuit filed by Soundview Cinemas in Port Washington against its insurance company regarding financial losses it has suffered as a result of having to shut down its operations due to government mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic has been rejected. In an application dated February 10, Justice Timothy S. Driscoll of the Supreme Court's Commercial Division approved a motion to dismiss the…

Local man gets stung by bee, says that the insurance does not cover medical bill

UnitedHealthcare said that even if Justice's request was properly billed for the first time, it would reconsider the claim and cover most of the cost after WBTV's call, saying: “While Mr. Justice requested was invoiced and paid correctly based on the Novant facility where it has received care, we will process the claim again. He is only responsible for his own costs. ”

Is home insurance tax deductible?

Editorial Notes: Forbes may earn a commission on sales from affiliate links on this site, but this does not affect the opinions or evaluations of our editors. Getty When the tax season comes around, many taxpayers are looking for tax deductions that can minimize their tax liability. Unfortunately, your home insurance premium payments are usually not one of them. But there are some circumstances that can make yours home insurance premium payments that are entitled to tax breaks. Deductions for rental properties If you rent out your home, you can qualify for a rental property deductions, which includes home insurance…

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