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Knox student teachers navigate through challenges from Pandemic – Knox College

When Eric Thompson '20 completed his student education in the midst of a worldwide pandemic last fall, his second graders - visible only on computer screens - sometimes talked about how much they missed seeing their friends, teachers and school playground. On rare occasions, some of the children simply said that distance learning was difficult. "It was tough because they also said what we thought," recalled Thompson, who taught at Steele Elementary School in Galesburg, Illinois, with Molly Kleine as her co-teacher. "Obviously we wanted to see them [in person], and we wanted to be in the classroom with them.…

Lawyers and practitioners discuss how to build more equitable education

March 3, 2021 | : The pandemic has increased inequality at all levels of education, but it has also provided an opportunity to close these gaps. It was the feeling of the panelists who participated in "The State of Education: Rebuilding a More Equitable System" hosted by Atlantic on Wednesday. While the differences are clear, panelists noted that this unique time has also provided opportunities to dramatically review the education system from early childhood to secondary education to create a more equitable learning environment. Dr. John B. King, President and CEO of The Education Trust and former United States Secretary…

The Leicester business community is considering the potentially “devastating” effects of the closure of Becker College

LEICESTER - Like most restaurants, Barbers Crossing Roadhouse on North Main Street has its share of repeat customers.Among them are some of Becker College's 1,700 students and 300 employees."There are a lot of teachers coming here after work," Barish Crossing owner Trish Wallace said on Thursday.If Becker closes his doors for good - as it may come after this school year the impact would be devastating for the many small businesses in this bedroom community with less than 11,000 inhabitants.They are already facing an uncertain future after a year of the coronavirus pandemic."It will definitely affect us in some way,"…

Where can you find free college courses online

Online learning is a flexible and convenient way to self-improvement. Whether you want to train for another profession while working, improve your skills to increase your current career opportunities, learn more about a topic you are passionate about or simply improve your knowledge levels, there are countless options available. Thanks to the generous educational institutions in the United States and beyond, there are a number of MOOC colleges available online for free. (MOOC means "massive open online course", aka "a study course made available over the Internet at no cost to a very large number of people.") In most cases,…

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