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(***)Loan or credit card to consolidate debt

(***)Need a credit card to consolidate debt

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Peoples Financial Corporation announces recovery of $ 4,510,359 on previously debited loans

BILOXI, Miss., February 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / - Peoples Financial Corporation (OTCQX Best Market: PFBX), parent of The Peoples Bank, announced the recovery of $ 4510,359 on February 22, 2021 in respect of previously settled amounts on a troubled loan. This recovery was related to a non-accrued loan that was debited on September 30, 2020 for $ 5,424,923 and was the main cause of the company's net losses reported during the second and third quarters of 2020.The bank had previously made provisions for this commercial customer who was bankrupt as follows:The following is the timeline associated with this commercial…

Mortgage market 2021: Potential growth, challenges and knowledge of the business list that could potentially benefit or lose the effect of COVID-19 | Key players: Wells Fargo Bank, Quicken Loans, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, Freedom Mortgage Corp, etc.

The market research report on mortgages provides different levels of analysis, such as industry analysis (industry trends), market shares of top players and company profiles, which together provide an overall picture of the competitive landscape. growing segments with high growth in the mortgage market; high-growth regions and marketers, constraints, challenges and opportunities. The market report on the mortgage lender prepares insights on market diversification (complete information on new products, unused regions and the latest developments), competition assessment (in-depth assessment of market shares, strategies, products and manufacturing ability of leading players in the mortgage loan. Credit market). Premium insights in the…

K-shaped recovery strengthens the market for subprime loans

Car lenders appear to be tightening approval standards and cutting back on loans to customers with subprime credit, according to separate reports Feb. 17 from the New York Federal Reserve and the TransUnion Credit Bureau. At the same time, credit requests for customers with subprime credit are also down, and this means that some of these borrowers can lose completely from the loan market, says TransUnion. “If you look total, things look OK. But as many economists have talked about, there is a K-shaped recovery that is taking hold, says Matt Komos, vice president of research and consulting at TransUnion,…

Credit card versus personal loan: Which one should you use?

If you need to finance everyday expenses, or even pay off debts, relying on either a credit card or a personal loan can help.However, each product has unique features that can make it more beneficial, depending on what your specific goals are. Both credit card and personal loans give borrowers access to money that can pay for large expenses such as home renovations or new exercise equipment (Peloton, anyone?), but they work a little differently.To begin with, credit cards are revolving credit that can be used repeatedly, while personal loans are installment credit that can only be used once. Credit…

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(***)Key bank checking accounts

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