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Our housekeeper does not work when we are at home due to COVID-19. We’re still paying her. Can we treat these payments as a “gift” to lower income tax?

Dear Moneyist, Due to the global pandemic of 2020, my wife and I have been concerned about indoor exposure to others. We are lucky that we can work from home so that we are always here and no one else is allowed in our home. Because of this, we have tried to arrange to be outside the house when our housekeeper comes to clean. This is not always possible, so during the year we asked her to skip cleaning our house on the days when we were home. Understanding that times are tough, we have continued to send payment for…

After protests, Oregon, Washington schools continue racial work

Your browser does not support the audio element.Amber Vandenack asks her daughter in sixth grade what she learns every day. As February began, the Prineville mother asked her daughter what she was learning for Black History Month. Her daughter said nothing."I asked her every day for a week and it was always no," Vandenack recalls.Vandenack complained on social media and to the school about what her daughter did not learn at Crook County Middle School. She said she also talked to school board members and district administrators.There is no government requirement for schools to teach Black History Month, although schools…

All about insurance Local tips: How does home insurance work? –

Why should I keep a higher deductible on my home insurance? Insurance in a home is very important to have and should only be used when major damage occurs. This is precisely why agents recommend higher deductibles. The only time you really want to apply is when you have a big loss. A loss greater than at least $ 1,000. If you own your home, you should have at least $ 1,000 set aside for emergencies. A requirement for a homeowner's policy will affect you for 3-5 years or longer, depending on the company. Sometimes you will be denied coverage…

Why 760 is the only credit score that matters – and how to work your way forward

The best creditworthiness possible can be one perfect 850, but experts suggest that a 760-point gives you the same benefits.Generally have one good credit score pays off because it shows lenders and credit card issuers that you are more likely to repay your loan and thus less risky to lend money to. At 760, consumers are likely to qualify for the same top credit cards, loans and interest rates as they would with any higher score."The best published interest rates for car loans are 720+ and for mortgages 760+," says financial expert John Ulzheimer, formerly FICO and Equifax. CNBC Select.…

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