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SHERMAN, Texas, March 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / - A-MAX Auto Insurance, an industry leader specializing in offering low-cost insurance to thousands of residents and businesses, is proud to announce its expansion with its newest branch opening in Sherman, Texas. The new office officially opened...

Have you recently received an order to get an Iowa SR-22? Before you start searching the Internet for "Cheap SR22 Insurance in Iowa" or "sr22 Iowa Insurance", you should know.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there was 4,150 car accidents in Beaumont 2018, including 20 that were fatal. Drivers in Beaumont are required to have a minimum amount for car insurance if they own a registered vehicle. The average cost of car insurance...
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11 are charged in plan to defraud Georgia-based insurance companies

State insurance officials said 11 people have been charged with defrauding a Georgia-based insurance company.According to Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John King, warrants were issued after the 11 individuals tried to defraud the American Family Life Assurance Company (Aflac) of $ 120,000.The insurance commissioner said that healthcare professionals filed 79 fraudulent insurance claims on their accident and hospital policy for services that were never delivered."These eleven individuals were part of a concerted effort to deceive a prominent Georgia-based company," said Commissioner King. "These types of fraudulent actions lead to increased premiums for all Georgians. I'm proud of my…

Three signs you may want to buy an annuity, a type of insurance that guarantees you income in retirement

If you have planned for your retirement and researched all of your options, you probably have a decent understanding of what annuity is all about. If not, you can think of an annuity as an insurance policy that guarantees you regular payments now or in the future. You invest your money in an annuity now and you get the benefit of guaranteed income later when you plan to retire.Unfortunately, annuities have gotten a really bad rap, mainly because some annuities are too expensive and poorly constructed. Some consumers do not know about different types of annuities will be upset when…

Car Insurance Company Slam Nevada Pandemic Trials

The American Property Casualty Insurance Association is responding strongly to new disputes that the group says are an attempt to take advantage of the ongoing pandemic by targeting the auto insurance market.Lawsuits were filed in Nevada against ten large car insurance companies this week and claimed that companies were charging too high insurance premiums during the pandemic by not reporting a reduction in driving and crashes. The lawsuits, which confirm that some insurers gave discounts on the empty roads and reduced claims, said the discounts did not provide "any meaningful relief that actually reflects the reduction of cars on the…

Rental car insurance market size 2021

Request download example Ask for a discount company profile New Jersey, USA, - The latest market research report entitled “Rent car insurance market“Has systematically compiled the main components of market research for car insurance. The report provides an in-depth study of the rental car insurance market and highlights the latest growth trends and dynamics in the rental car insurance market. The report is intended to assist readers with an accurate assessment of current and future market scenarios for rental car insurance. Industrie Hyrbilsförsäkring expects significant growth during the forecast period and shows a robust CAGR. According to the latest research…

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