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How changes the way lead generation is done. – Press release

Generateagentleads offers a complete solution that focuses on lead conversion for real estate agents. (@generateagentleads) is a real estate technology and marketing company known for being one of the fastest growing start-up real estate technology companies by 2020. Through generateagentlead's proprietary CRM, they help realtors, teams and brokers to generate and convert leads on a large scale in a complete ready for you setting. The Software enables agents and brokers to qualify leads and build relationships from the first step all the way until they send lists and put leads on long-term care drops. The goal is to…

Biden’s administration targets militia backed by Iran

WASHINGTON - US airstrikes target bases in Syria used by Iranian militant groups suspected of attacking US and allied forces in northern Iraq last week, the Pentagon announced late Thursday.The strikes, the first approved by President Joe Biden, hit several targets used by the militia as the Pentagon blames rocket attacks on a base in northern Iraq that killed an entrepreneur and wounded US and Allied troops. "The operation sends a clear message: President Biden will act to protect US and coalition personnel," Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement. "At the same time, we have acted deliberately to…

St. Louis County is preparing to open the first mass vaccination site COVID-19 | Metro

The health department encourages residents to use the online or e-mail options if possible, but those who do not have access to the internet can call the county's hotline at 314-615-2660 on weekdays between 8 and 17 to register.Missouri reported 890 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, compared with 778 the day before. The seven-day average of new cases fell to 1,285, down from 2,630 on January 1, according to a post-broadcast analysis.The state also reported 340 more deaths due to the virus, a record number, according to Post-Dispatch data. Of these, 11 occurred in November, 190 in December and…

Russia goes out to extinguish pro-Navalny’s “flashlight” protests

MOSCOW (AP) - When the team of imprisoned Russian Opposition leader Alexei Navalny urged people to come out to their homes and shine their mobile phone lights in a display of unity, many responded with jokes and skepticism. After two weekends of nationwide demonstrations, the new protest format looked like a retreat. But not to Russian authorities, who moved vigorously to extinguish the enlightened protests planned for Sunday. Officials accused Navalny's allies of acting in accordance with NATO instructions. Television channels supported by the Kremlin warned that flashlight collections were part of major uprisings around the world. State news agencies…

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