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Shakira debuts in new red hair: ‘Surprise!’

Shakira just debuted her new look - and fans love it.Singer "Hips Don't Lie", 44, shocked the world on Friday when she showed off her new fiery red hair on Instagram."Voilà," the singer wrote in the caption, shows off his new do with a great selfie.The singer is seen in the picture and slaps a pose in her bathroom, kisses her lips while she sports her voluminous hair and a "Where's Waldo" -like top.SHAKIRA WOWS IN LITTLE BIKINI HE DESIGNED HIMSELF Shakira replaced her signature blonde hair with a fiery new red color. (Reuters)The singer too shared a delayed video…

These adoptable pets have so much love to give: February 13-14

STATE OF ICELAND, NY - We all try to keep order these days.Work from home. Homeschooling. New pets. It's a juggling.When it comes to our fur children, here are some options to help you get back on track.Organize your pet belongingsStore everything in one place and save space!A two-in-one dog bed.A food tray for sale.Wayfair food trayA food station organizer!Pet organizers.ADOPTION EVENTSThank you to the volunteers who help these animals to be adopted by loving families like you. It takes significant time and commitment to volunteer at the animal rescues listed below.Before hiring a new furry friend, volunteers organize pet…

Mission Trails Death is a reminder to prepare when hiking alone

"Walking in San Diego is beautiful," says Cal Fire Captain Tom Paranio. “Some are light, others are more experts. But I really feel that this could have been avoided. ” SAN DIEGO - On Friday morning, 21-year-old Max Lenail went on a hike in Mission Trails alone. On Saturday, his body was found in the San Diego River by rescue personnel. By all indications, Lenail was an experienced outdoorsman, often hiking and rock climbing. It's an incredible reminder that no matter who you are, nature cannot be underestimated. "Walking in San Diego is beautiful," says Cal Fire Captain Tom Paranio.…

NYC restaurant workers and taxi drivers are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Now even more New Yorkers can be vaccinated, including some very important workers in NYC.On Tuesday, February 2, Governor Cuomo extended the vaccine right to NY to include restaurant workers, taxi drivers and residents of facilities for the disabled, according to New York Times. [featured image source: Unsplash / Kate Townsend]Earlier, authorization is included only such as health care workers, residents of group housing, older adults, grocery workers and teachers.And also with opens the restaurant indoors on February 14, Cuomo had said he could not extend the justification due to lack of access from the federal government. But soon after,…

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