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Cheap Car Insurance Companies in New York Do you feel like your car insurance bill keeps going up? In New York, it has. The average expenditure for auto insurance by New Yorkers has increased by about $570 a year since 1989, according to the Consumer...

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NewsCenter | SDSU | A legacy in research

A donation to support postgraduate studies in chemistry honors the legacy of SDSU President Brage Golding. “Thank you for this gift to my father. His first priority was always students, and that was the most important thing for him. ” As president of San Diego State University from 1972 to 1977, Brage Golding often remembered for his love of talking to students. It was noted that he would often sit on the campus lawn or stop on his walks through campus to chat with students."What I remember my dad talking about the most was the students," he said Susan Golding,…

NFL provides PPE kits for all fans participating in Super Bowl LV which includes masks, hand sanitizers – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

(CBS Local) - The Super Bowl will have fans present at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida this Sunday. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of fans will be limited to allow for social distancing. As an additional security measure, the league provides all fans who participate in a PPE kit that includes masks and hand sanitizers. The #NFL provides all 25,000 fans with these free PPE kits upon arrival at the arena for #SBLV. All staff and fans, including the 7,500 vaccinated health care heroes who receive free tickets from the NFL, will need to wear face…

Internet access was restored as Myanmar’s coup protests grow

Tens of thousands of people gather in Myanmar's largest city ahead of last week's military coup and spread the word online now that the internet service has been restoredPastAssociated Press7 February 2021, 10:57• 4 min readingShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this articleYANGON, Myanmar - As tens of thousands of enthusiastic crowds marched through the streets of Myanmar's largest city on Sunday to protest last week's coup, their mood was lifted by the return of internet services that had been blocked a day earlier.Separate protests that began in different parts of Yangon converged at the Sule Pagoda, located in the middle…

Proud boys used tactical measures in a coordinated attack on the Capitol, court documents say

Court documents detailed the week-long planning of Proud Boys members before January 6th. Members of the far-right group were told to dress "incognito" and split up to avoid detection. Prior to the siege, members discussed their hopes of unleashing "norms" or unruly boys on the Capitol. Visit the business section on Insider for more stories. As Donald Trump now delivered infamous numbers to supporters on the afternoon of January 6, members of the far-right white nationalist group, the Proud Boys, were not among the thousands of Trump protesters who listened in the crowd, according to new court documents.The proud boys…

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