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The Facebook prompt will encourage opt-in ad tracking before Apple’s privacy push

Facebook will begin displaying a prompt in its iPhone and iPad mobile app designed to persuade users to allow ad tracking, in preparation for an upcoming privacy change in which Apple will force developers to allow users to track apps and websites in the future. The new screen, was first reported on Monday by CNBC, will be shown to users globally starting today and will provide Facebook with early information on how Apple's privacy changes could affect the social network's operations, ahead of Apple's planned update in early spring which makes the opt-in request mandatory. The prompt gives users a…

Snowy nor’easter may have caused COVID-19 hospital stays in New York City: de Blasio | amNewYork

Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up to date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York CityAlthough the powerful noreaster that made its way up the east coast earlier this week forced New Yorkers to dig into their homes, the storm may also have caused an increase in COVID-19 hospital stays. This is what Mayor Bill de Blasio adopted on Thursday, February 4, when he suggested that a recent increase in hospital stays related to the disease could be explained by the immobilizing effects of the storm. New Yorkers who would otherwise have gone to the hospital…

California man with ‘White Privilege’ bank card accused of planning to bomb Democrats

A suspected right-wing extremist in California who had a "white privilege" ridiculous bank card has been accused of getting pipe bombs and the police have accused him of threatening to bomb Democratic lawmakers.Ian Benjamin Rogers, 43, of Napa, was arrested on January 15 and charged within the Napa County Legal Tribunal for unlawful firearms fees on Tuesday. He was accused of possessing 5 pipe bombs that have been unregistered damaging units. Police and brokers discovered them at his employment workplace the day he was arrested.A big weapon protected, which contained a number of weapons and the 5 bombs, was discovered…

Big Trump donors converge when Newsom is recalled

Some of the biggest donors to the recall effort also bank-reduced Trump's 2020 campaign. They include Beverly Hills real estate developer Geoff Palmer, who has raised $ 150,000 for the anti-Newsom campaign, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Douglas Leone, who along with his wife Patricia Perkins-Leone have donated nearly $ 100,000. Retired CEO Howard Groff and his wife Susan Groff have donated $ 75,000. And while most of the donors so far come from within California, Trump collectors report that they see great interest from large donors near and far. "Donors both in California and across the country are beginning…

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