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This Week in Credit Card News: How to Earn a Free Southwest Companion Pass; A vertical credit card?

After over 40 years, the way we use credit cards is due to change Credit card users may soon find their horizontal cards replaced with vertical ones as push-to-pay continues to become popular. Last week, PayPal PYPL PYPL joined several other banks to release credit and debit cards with vertical design for their Venmo app. Vertical cards mimic how customers usually handle their cards when they either press to pay or dip the card in the chip reader vertically. [Business Insider] Three southwestern credit cards offer new cardholders a rare chance to earn a Companion Pass NurPhoto via Getty Images…

Lender Credit: How Lenders Can Pay Your Final Costs

What are lender loans? Lender credits are an arrangement where the lender agrees to cover part or all of the borrower's closing costs. In exchange, the borrower pays a higher interest rate. Lender loans can be a smart way to avoid the initial costs of buying a home or refinancing. Getting closing costs to $ 0 means you can put more of your savings into a down payment - or, in the case of a refinance, lock in a lower interest rate without having to pay down fees. But lender credit is not always the right choice. For some borrowers,…

The Pecatonica Theater accepts donations to repair collapsed roofs

The roof of a theater in northern Illinois collapsed Wednesday afternoon. Snow and ice caused the roof to sink in PEC Playhouse Theater and Pecatonica. No one was in the building at the time. Suzanne Wiegert is president of the board of directors at the theater. She said there was no problem with the roof before the latest snowstorms, but the day before the autumn a volunteer noticed that something was brewing. He warned everyone and the construction manager checked. "He said, 'Oh no, nobody's coming into the building, I'm sure it's going to collapse.' Wiegert said the theater originally…

From Inherent Racial Bias to Incorrect Data—The Problems With Current Credit Scoring Models

A good credit score is a gatekeeper to wealth, career opportunities and housing in the U.S., but some say current scoring models aren’t always fair. Credit scores have gotten attention over the past few years from critics decrying their accuracy and their use of data that is reflective of historical bias while omitting certain types of data (rental and cell phone payments) that might include a broader swath of people, including Black and Hispanic consumers. Other complaints include the lack of public scoring model options and the fact that scores are used to determine things that have nothing to do…

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