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The tax period is approaching again, which means you need to choose the best tax software to help you send your taxes to Uncle Sam. We evaluated five of the best tax software services to determine which are most appropriate for specific tax needs.The tax...

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Tax Day 2021: Best last minute deals and discounts to file your taxes

If you are a last minute file, suppliers of tax preparations has some offers to save money, including free services, discounts, support for remote employees and even an Amazon gift card for referrals. If your income situation is relatively simple and you do not exceed the income limit ($ 72,000 this year), you may be eligible to register online and for free. The IRS provides a list of free tax preparation options and CNET has a lot of information about how to register your taxes online. Read on for our compilation of offers and campaigns to save money when you…

Biz Beat: Shoreline Repair Services, Hacker Craft at Tomes Landing, proposed tax assistance for companies

Happening this week around Cecil County ...After working for others for more than a decade, Brian Wingert knocked out on its own and has opened Beach repair services.Wingert, based in Rising sun, comes to your place and fixes your devices, computers, laptops or gaming systems."I had been employed by Aaron's Rent to Own," Wingert said Tuesday. His job was to repair washers and dryers, refrigerators and other rental items to get them ready to rent again. But recently, he decided to do it for himself and officially opened Shoreline Repair Services."I work with all brands," said Wingert, noting that he…

Review of credit karma tax 2020: free tax registration

Today's best Credit Karma dealsCredit Karma Tax is still free and a challenger for the best tax software. However, it lacks paid competitors, some of whom charge nominal fees to get a wider range of support.The five-year-old service continues to use personal information provided to Credit Karma's personal finance site, but that's where the connection to Credit Karma now ends. Credit Karma was acquired in 2020 by Intuit, which in turn sold the Credit Karma Tax business unit to Square because it already had the behemoth from the do-it-yourself tax services, TurboTax. Since Square's acquisition of Credit Karma Tax is…

The 19 Most Valuable Tax Deductions For Your Small Business

Tax Deductions and great tax planning is one of the best ways to make your small business more ... [+] profitable. getty One of the easiest ways to make your business more profitable (without working any harder) is to identify all of your expenses and those that are tax-deductible for your small business. These rules also apply to those with self-employment or independent contractor incomes. Keep reading for more information on tax deductions and how to pay fewer taxes on your small business. I've spoken with so many businessowners who had record years in 2020. Being locked at home has…

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