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Israel opens coronavirus vaccines for everyone over the age of 16 Coronavirus

The Israeli Ministry of Health has said it will offer coronavirus vaccines to anyone over the age of 16, as part of a rapid campaign in which the majority of elderly and vulnerable people have already been shot.The ministry has told caregivers that they can start booking meetings for the new age group from Thursday.One in three Israelis has received at least one injection, a significantly higher proportion than anywhere else. The country with 9 million had previously allowed anyone over 35, as well as risk groups and graduate students aged 16 to 18, to be inoculated.But on Wednesday, local…

Fox News cancels Lou Dobb’s business show on weekdays

US Fox anchor Lou DobbsJohn Lamparski | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty ImagesFox Corps Fox Business Network has suspended "Lou Dobbs Tonight", a weekly program hosted by business journalist and vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, the company said on Friday.The news of the cancellation came a day after Dobbs, 75, was named a defendant in a defamation lawsuit filed by voting machine maker Smartmatic, who claimed that three Fox hosts, including Dobbs, wrongly accused the company of helping rig the election against Trump.Fox said the transition to ending Dobbs' show had been under way before the mood as…

The Weeknd explains bandages in full face before the Super Bowl halftime show

Weekend explains itself.The 30-year-old Canadian singer has been making headlines in recent months for appears in public with white bandages covering his face. What seemed to be bruising and scarring were also visible around his eyes when he wore the bandage.Fans were puzzled not only by the costume choice but also by his facial changes in the music video for his hit, "Save your tears, "who saw his cheekbones, jawline and more change.Now before his coming Super toast the half-time show, The Weeknd - born Abel Makkonen Tesfaye in Toronto - has revealed the meaning behind the suit, all of…

Dover woman must rotate in and out of shelters weekly

DOVER — One week in. One week out.Meaghan Gagnon and dozens of other Seacoast residents have been rotating between the streets and the emergency shelter operation at the Garrison Hotel for months now, hoping they can eventually climb out of their stressful hokey pokey and into stability.“It’s like the weeks take forever,” said Gagnon, 39, of Dover. “But, you also (try to convince) yourself it hasn’t been that long. You don’t want to feel you’ve been out here that long because then you feel like it’s going to be permanent, like it’s going to be forever.”The dance doesn’t completely crush…

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