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Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) CDN Market Report provides an in-depth analysis of market influencing factors, constraints, trends, growth drivers and opportunities for 2027. This report can be used to predict.

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College of Education Sireci urges Biden nominees to relinquish federal responsibility for state-wide summative assessments

In light of the disruption to teachers and students caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephen Sireci, professor of education and director of the Center for Educational Assessment, has sent a letter co-signed by eight colleagues at five other institutions where US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona will to relinquish federal responsibility for state overall assessments this year. "We argue that by 2021, mandatory summative testing of students will not (in fact) not be able to provide comparable student performance data for accountability," Sireci and his co-signatories write. They call on Cardona to "encourage states to eliminate any high impact on…

Administration aimed at creating a plan for complete school education in the spring

Last updated: February 26, 2021 Written by Judith PfefferThe school committee has instructed administrators to create a plan for full tuition on campus in the spring, including a possible move to three feet between desks for grades K-8. This plan would not oblige Arlington Public Schools to adopt this reduced distance or provide an exact deadline for its possible implementation. Nor would it be scrapped before "the remote academy of your choice," through which some students, at the request of their parents, learn entirely at a distance.Since September, under Arlington's hybrid system, desks have been kept at least six meters…

iPhone 13 Internet Recovery supports portable design rumors

Although Apple has adopted USB-C in Macs and iPads, it still sticks to its own Lightning technology on the iPhone. If the endless rumors will finally happen, Apple's smartphone could skip USB-C altogether. Year after year, we've seen talk of an iPhone with no port at all, but according to an Apple news site, Apple is laying the groundwork to address the most critical issue that a portless design would have. Apple has slowly eliminated the need for ports and cables on its iPhones and has instead embraced wireless technology where possible. It has made it for sound and has…

Covid on Campus: How the pandemic is reshaping higher education.

The Georgia Museum of Art has offered its parking garage as an open-air classroom for studio art classes at the University of Georgia. Shown here: Professor Libby Hatmaker teaches a drawing class. Courtesy of the Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia Jump to beginning of article “The Internet will save higher education, but it may kill your alma mater.” — John Katzman, education entrepreneur This article originally appeared in the March/April 2021 issue of Museum magazine, a benefit of AAM membership. Higher education has been struggling with disruptions for the past decade: declining enrollment, rising tuition and student debt, increasing dependence…

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