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iPhone 13: From realistic expectations to the foreign, here’s what …

[embed][/embed]The iPhone 12 series is almost five months old, which of course means that the iPhone 13 series is only just over half a year away. Some information about the iPhone 2021 already has began to seep out from the usual group of leaks, but greater details about the devices are still unknown.Several of us here at XDA have used the iPhone 12 extensively, and we have many opinions on how the iPhone 13 series will improve the current generation. We will divide our wish list into three categories: things that are likely to happen because they have been leaked…

California’s deputy accused of false ambush while on duty

A sheriffs alternate in the north California was arrested and charged on Friday with alleged fake an ambush a year ago while on duty, authorities said. Santa Clara County Deputy Sukhdeep Gill, 27, claimed in a panic radio call that he had been shot while on patrol on January 31, 2020, shouting "Shots fired! Over an emergency channel," FOX 2 reported in the Bay Area.He told officers he had been ambushed by a passing car when he stopped his vehicle at the side of the road and the bullet hit his body camera. His police vehicle had also been shot…

Traders reveal how this Notts indoor market has lost its “vitality” in locking

An indoor market has changed "enormously" since then shutdown, with traders saying that the "vitality" of the place has gone when they focus on providing the community with important food. Traders at Idlewell's indoor market in Sutton-in-Ashfield have said the fallout has dropped "significantly" due to government restrictions and they have turned to deliver to customers in isolation to maintain their business. A trader said that he and his staff still come six days a week because many do not like shopping in supermarkets and prefer to get their food fresh from a stall. Nottinghamshire Live spoke to some of…

Tesla’s purchases with Bitcoin come when the EV maker invests $ 1.5 billion in cryptocurrency

It seems that Tesla is really serious about allowing customers in the future to buy their vehicles with Bitcoin. This was indicated in a recently submitted Form 10-K that Tesla submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday. In its application, the electric car manufacturer revealed that it had acquired $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoins in January and that it intends to accept the cryptocurrency as a payment option In the near future. The update from Tesla immediately sent Bitcoin prices up 12% to about $ 43,394, a gain of almost 9% in early trading. “We invested a…

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