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Based on a report from, Some of the ways that things return to normal as well as many challenges that still stand in the way are shared below.Health insurance and COVID-19 vaccinesThe CARES Act approved last year is that COVID-19 vaccines are generally covered...
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Best Cheap Car Insurance in Corpus Christi | Bank interest

If you are getting ready to buy car insurance in Corpus Christi, Texas, it may be worth your time to do your research on the insurance options in the city. The city's average minimum coverage insurance premiums are $ 594 per year and $ 1806 annually for full coverage. Corpus Christi has the seventh highest number of accidents in Texas. The year 2019 came Texas Department of Transportation reported 8,185 crashes - that is one for every 40 inhabitants. The main criminal: speeding. One of four of the county's traffic fatalities are speed related.There are plenty of car insurance options…

Clearcover saves money for drivers who know that the right car insurance provider is important Boing Boing

Sometimes it does not feel like being smart and driven gives you lots of advantages over those who are not as bright or not as motivated. Even if you've worked hard to start a career, build a positive credit history, or begin your journey toward a happy, productive future, the simple fact that you are what Gen X would consider as a young person can often lump you in with people who have not taken the same type of care. Take car insurance, for example. In many cases, it only means that you are at a certain age that you…

Jon Decker: For a real health care reform, Biden should break up with large insurance policies

When Obama and Biden created Obamacare, they were led around by the nose of Big Insurance's most influential mouthpiece, AARP.Although she poses as a senior organization, AARP's primary revenue stream comes from the sale of supplementary health insurance coverage. Instead of helping seniors choose the plan that is most tailored to their needs or financial resources, AARP sells exclusively plans from the country's largest health insurance company, UnitedHealth. In return, AARP receives a 4.95 percent cut on each plan sold. This ratio net up to $ 627 million in 2017 alone, or 57 percent of total revenue (compared to just…

The car insurance rate can increase if the points are low

Pedro Montenegro was puzzled by the car insurance he received when he moved to Washington, DC, from California.The only ticket he ever got was for a broken taillight which he later fixed. But despite an almost immaculate driving record, Montenegro faced a $ 300 monthly premium, far more than some of his friends he thought drove more ruthlessly.He eventually realized that the high quote was probably due to his low credit score. "It's both stupid and unfair," said Montenegro, 29, whose credit scores hovered in the low 500s due to student loans and irresponsible spending when he was younger. "I…

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