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“I like that he took the challenge”

RJ Barrett defends Kawhi LeonardImmanuel Quickley was not the only Knick to get praise from the Clippers on Sunday.Here is Kawhi Leonardassessment of RJ Barrett:"He took the challenge and you get better. Trying to protect the best players on the floor and also trying to attack them. I liked his mindset tonight," Leonard said. "Sky is the limit depending on how hard he works and where his mental is. I like that he took the challenge."Barrett drove on Leonard early in the game and was aggressive throughout Knicks14-point loss for the Clippers.He finished with 23 points on 9-for-14 shooting and…

“A country that freed slaves”: Senator Hawley minimizes the role of racism in US history

Hawley's version of US history omits the fact that the constitution as drafted protected slavery and that liberation took place only after a bloody civil war in which 11 states tried to secede from the union to retain the power to own people.This is not the first time Hawley has offered a unique interpretation of US history, as he opposes progressive efforts to confront the nation's racist history.Last year, he quoted "The Gettysburg Address", Abraham Lincoln's eulogy for the deaths of the Union Army, when he argued for the preservation of Confederate officers' names on military bases.Hawley voted against the…

Texas Investor uses GameStop winnings to help sick children – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

In the middle of Wall Street drama about GameStop and Robinhood, some investors involved in GameStop sales use their proceeds to do good deeds for others. An investor, who wished to remain anonymous, delivered 10 Nintendo switches purchased from GameStop locations around the Dallas-Fort Worth area to Medical City Children's Hospital on Thursday. The investor said that his efforts were made possible by GME profits. Wall Street has been shaken this week by an organized campaign by small investors to take on large hedge funds drives shares of Grapevine-based GameStop and other struggling retailers. The campaign started on Reddit and…

Nevada US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate warns US Navy Veterans with Mesothelioma in Nevada to ignore online “freebies” and call lawyer Erik Karst from Karst von Oiste for a statement of compensation

"Erik Karst is one of the country's most skilled lawyers for mesothelioma and he knows what he is doing. For direct access to lawyer Erik Karst, please call 800-714-0303 at any time."- Nevada US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma AdvocateLAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, JANUARY 22, 2021 / - Nevada US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate says, "We warn a Navy Veteran with mesothelioma in Nevada not to play lawyer roulette with sponsored" freebies "like calculators, kits, guides, four minute compensation tests and other nonsense. A Navy Veteran with mesothelioma and theirs family deserves respect - not endless calls from lawyers they've never heard…

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