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Two FBI agents shot dead, three others injured while serving warrants at home in Florida

Two FBI agents were killed and three others were injured in a shooting on Tuesday morning when authorities executed a court order in a home in Sunrise, Florida.The suspect was also killed, the FBI office in Miami said.The incident began shortly after 6 at an address on Nob Hill Road, according to Sunrise Police Department.Authorities were at home to serve a federal court order in a violent crime against children, according to the FBI.Two of the injured agents were taken to the hospital, where they were stable. The FBI did not release further details, including the condition of the third…

Winter Storm Warning in DC Area: 3-5 Inch Slushy Snow Forecast at Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday in the DC area is expected to start with a winter storm that could dump 3-5 inches of heavy, wet snow. That storm will not be long, but it can leave muddy conditions on roads and sidewalks. The rapid snowstorm is expected to arrive overnight in DC, Maryland and northern Virginia - and be out before it's time to make your nachos, says Storm Team4 meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts. Download our NBC Washington app for iOS or Android to get alerts for local news and weather. "If you're heading to the Super Bowl, no snow will fall then,…

Google’s weather frog was discovered on smart screens

Google is testing a new background for the assistant's smart screens that shows a cartoon frog enjoying or coping with the weather in real time. The character Froggy has previously been a fixture in Google Weather Search Results, and also has the moonlight as one less character in multiple Google Doodles. Now 9to5Google reports that critter is randomly cropped as a new “Photo Frame” option for smart screens for users on Reddit and Twitter, where it is displayed along with existing backgrounds as images displayed from your Google Photos account. The software describes the screensaver as "a lovable frog that…

Rush Limbaugh host Mark Steyn reflects on the broadcaster’s death: ‘He was simply the best’

Author and commentator Mark Steyn, who often filled in for Rush Limbaugh to host his syndicate radio program, sa "Tucker Carlson tonight"On Wednesday, Limbaugh's resilience was largely due to his connection with his audience."He was a brilliant transmitter," said Steyn of Limbaugh, who died earlier Wednesday of complications from lung cancer at age 70."That was not what he was talking about. That was how he talked about it," Steyn said. "He made politics fun. He took in all the elements. He had 20 years as a not very successful record jockey where he had honed his craft. So he could…

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