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Taking off glasses to drive requires more than eye surgery

Q. Is it necessary to notify the motor vehicle department that you no longer need a visual impairment? My daughter has undergone eye laser surgery and thinks she needs to tell DMV that she no longer needs corrective lenses. This is to avoid getting a ticket for such if she should ever be handed over and not wear glasses or contacts. If so, how do you notify DMV because it does not appear to be meeting? Kricka Spivey, Gardena A. This is a fairly common question for Honk, Teal, and yes, it would be a good idea to have the…

The family speaks out after Son’s Emergency Surgery; The district also responds

"We are aware of concerns but cannot discuss private student information and staffing issues. Our Millcreek student health, safety and education are always paramount and will always remain the focus of our administration, teachers and staff. Of concern for student and family well-being our manager "Dr. Ian Roberts has spoken with the mother and will continue to follow up."

Global Lasik Eye Surgery Devices Market 2020 with impact of COVID-19 outbreak, SWOT study, steady growth and forecast 2025 – KSU | Sentinel Newspaper has presented an updated research report entitled Global Lasik Eye Surgery Devices Market 2020 by manufacturer, regions, type and application, forecast for 2025 which provides important answers and interpretations regarding market growth and market development. The report contains insightful information such as market shares, market size and growth rate, as well as several challenges and mutual threats and constraints that have disrupted normal growth forecasts in the global Lasik Eye Surgery Devices market. The report analyzes the segment that is expected to dominate the industry and the market. This market report contains quantitative and qualitative estimates by industry experts,…

MAFS star Rebecca Zemek addresses rumors of plastic surgery!

She's one of the season's most glamorous babes, but Rebecca 'Beck' Zemek shook a much more alternative look as a teenager. WATCH: Married at first glance 2021 trailer The bride once had bleached-blonde hair, pink extensions and her tan was nowhere to be seen! These days, Bec, 27, insists her new appearance is not the result of surgery, he said New idea, “No cosmetic surgery for me. But I support it out of respect for someone's trust. ” Rebecca Zemek (pictured) will appear on the latest season of MAFS. Nine The confident business manager, who has been described as a…

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