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Credit Repair Companies: What You Should Know | The ascent

Arranging your credit is an important part of managing your personal finances. If you are facing a less than perfect credit history, it may be tempting to call a credit repair company - but it is not the best next step. Here is everything you need to know about credit repair companies, if they are worth it and how to repair your own credit.What is a credit repair company?Credit repair companies are organizations that claim to help consumers improve their credit in exchange for a fee. These work with credit bureaus and creditors on your behalf remove mistakes from your…

Do I need to get a loan to build credit?

You do not necessarily have to take out a loan to build credit. We have some credit building tips that you may not have thought of to get you started on the road to a better credit score. Build a credit history Having a solid credit history creates a higher credit score. Things like timely payments, a healthy mix of credit and low credit card usage all improve your credit score. However, starting your credit history can be a struggle, as many new borrowers start with a lower rating - making it harder to get approved for credit in the…

Credit card debt and how to get rid of it forever

Dear Mary: You recently said that it is a bad idea to use home equity to consolidate credit card debt. What's wrong with getting a lower interest rate and combining balances? - JennaDear Jenna: When dealing with risk, it's always a good idea to ask yourself what's the worst that can happen? What is the risk?If you stick to your current situation and for some reason pay in a credit card balance, here's what will happen: The creditor will scrap your score and possibly sue you for what you owe. But the lender can not take your house.If you do…

Is it time to replace or repair AC power? Here’s how you decide

Did you almost know that? 90% of American households have any kind of air conditioning in them? Older properties are less likely to have AC, but more and more Americans are installing AC units in their homes to keep them cool during the summer months. But what you may not know about AC units is that they need to be maintained and cleaned regularly to prevent early replacement. Read on to find out if your AC unit needs repairing or if it's time for AC power. Which is right: AC repairs vs. AC power change? During its lifetime, your AC…

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