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Texas was hit by massive power outages when the winter freeze left more than 4 million in the dark

Former US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette argues that the situation in Texas after a storm shows the importance of having "a varied energy supply". More than 4 million Texans are reported to be without force Tuesday when the temperature remains well below freezing over the state, causing residents to encrypt for heat.Over 1 million of these outages were reported in the Houston area, according to, a site that tracks disruptions. Elsewhere, more than 300,000 customers are without power in each of the Dallas, San Antonio and Austin areas, it added."Right now, [the Electric Reliability Council of Texas] can…

Residents urged to prepare for winter storm – Roswell Daily Record

Below freezing temperatures reach the Roswell area on Saturday morning, when the passengers in Pecos Trails Transit are gathered waiting for their bus. Forecasts require "potentially dangerous" conditions with freezing temperatures, fog, snow and wind in the next few days. (Lisa Dunlap Photo) Copyright © 2021 Roswell Daily Record Weather forecasts still predict "potentially dangerous" weather with temperatures below frost, snow and wind for most of New Mexico, including Chaves County, which began Saturday night, to continue at least until Monday night. Freezing rain that melted before reaching the ground was experienced in the Roswell area early on Saturday afternoon,…

Large-scale rescue operation is underway after floods from the glacier in India

Rescue teams worked all night to find survivors trapped in debris. Most of the missing are workers from two hydropower projects in Uttarakhand's Chamoli district, which were affected by the avalanche.Pictures from Sunday's disaster show a rapidly moving wall of water and rocks flowing down a narrow gorge and breaking through a pond at the smaller hydropower project before flowing downstream and wiping away buildings trees and people.About 2,500 people in 13 villages were cut off by the ensuing floods, said Ashok Kumar, a senior official at Uttarakhand police on Monday. The rescue efforts on Monday were focused on clearing…

Johnson & Johnson files for emergency use of Covid-19 shots

Background: The drugmaker originally promised to give the US government 12 million doses this month and 100 million in the spring. But officials warned in mid-January that it could take until the end of April to reach its early delivery forecasts, according to a person informed of the matter. J&J was one of the first manufacturers funded by the US government to quickly develop a vaccine. The Trump administration put $ 456 million in early trials and later inked a $ 1 billion deal with J&J to provide $ 100 million, with the option to buy more. The first batch…

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