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NY Times employees reportedly collide in a private Facebook group after exposing veteran reporters

Employees from The New York Times have reportedly collided with each other after last week's departure from veteran reporters Donald McNeil Jr.. Washington Free Beacon reported on Monday that a "private" Facebook group consisting of current and former employees of the Times engaged in heated exchanges after McNeil announced his resignation after it was revealed that he had used the "n-word" on a training trip in 2019 in Peru, something explained he said in his farewell letter in context during a conversation with students about the word but offered an apology. NEW TIMES REPORTER RESIGNS AFTER THE USE OF 'N-WORD'…

People were towed during Frederick’s snowstorm surprised by extra COVID fee

FREDERICK, Md. - The town of Frederick had nearly 100 cars towed from emergency roads in Frederick over the weekend, but what really surprised owners was a fee charged to their recycling bills in the name COVID-19. Download the FOX 5 DC News app for local news and weather Towing of emergency vehicles for snow The weekend snow in Frederick made the city look like a winter wonderland, but dozens of people who had had their cars towed by the city did not think it was strange in an extra fee that was hit on their towing bills. A Reddit…

‘Complete outrage’: The White House says the United States is in talks with Iran about detaining Americans

Joe Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said on Sunday that the United States has begun communicating with Iran over the detention of American citizens and called the issue a "complete and utter outrage".Iran has arrested dozens of dual citizens, including several Americans, in recent years, mostly on espionage charges. Human rights activists accuse Tehran of trying to use the detentions to win concessions from other countries, a charge it rejects.Sullivan told CBS's Face the Nation that it was an "important priority" to get these Americans "safely home.""We have started communicating with the Iranians on this issue," Sullivan said. "We…

Union chief: Chicago lecturers battle each coronavirus pandemic and worry

American Federation of Academics leaders Randi Weingarten mentioned Tuesday that Chicago lecturers are combating towards each coronavirus pandemic and "worry" as a useless finish continues to renew private studying in America's third largest metropolis."We're combating a pandemic and now we're combating worry," Weingarten mentioned.Faulkner focus. "" And what we try to do as a commerce union is to get the safety measures in place. I am always calling Chicago to really attempt to get such a plan so we are able to take care of each the pandemic and the worry. "Weingarten knowledgeable Biden White Home officers final week concerning…

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