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Scarless procedure in the UAE: The next big thing in surgery?

Mohammed Imran, 39, a Pakistani, is one of a growing number of people who benefitted from — and rave about — "stealth surgery" Image Credit: Supplied Dubai: Mohammed Imran, 39, a Pakistani cashier in Dubai, had developed a progressive swelling under the jaw on the left side of his neck. Initial investigations suggested this could be a more dormant type of growth of the lymph nodes. Imran underwent a “stealth surgery” through three incisions punched on his left hairline. The puncture marks are now covered as the hair had grown back. The wound had healed, leaving no scar. Imran is…

Pholosong Hospital now offers cataract surgery | African reporter

Dr. Steph Lindeque started performing cataract surgery at Pholosong Hospital. Tsakani - Pholosong Hospital now offers internal cataract surgery to patients.This is after years of the hospital transferring patients who need this surgery to Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg.Since they offered this service in January, they have operated on over 40 patients.Dr. Steph Lindeque said that cataracts are a clouding of the lens of the eye.A cataract surgery, also called lens replacement surgery, sees the removal of the natural lens in the eye that has developed an opacification. Pholosong's chairman promises positive change “During the operation, we replace it…

Global Lasik Eye Surgery Devices Market 2020 with impact of COVID-19 outbreak, SWOT study, steady growth and forecast 2025 – KSU | Sentinel Newspaper has presented an updated research report entitled Global Lasik Eye Surgery Devices Market 2020 by manufacturer, regions, type and application, forecast for 2025 which provides important answers and interpretations regarding market growth and market development. The report contains insightful information such as market shares, market size and growth rate, as well as several challenges and mutual threats and constraints that have disrupted normal growth forecasts in the global Lasik Eye Surgery Devices market. The report analyzes the segment that is expected to dominate the industry and the market. This market report contains quantitative and qualitative estimates by industry experts,…

The man died days after knee surgery in hospital

A 77-year-old man died of a heart attack nine days after undergoing major knee replacement surgery, an investigation has heard. James Taylor, known to his family as Jim, died at Burton's Queen's Hospital on November 12 last year while battling a lower respiratory tract infection that he had developed after his knee surgery. Consultants at the hospital said that Taylor, from Horninglow Road North, Burton, seemed to be recovering well after the routine operation at the hospital but later did not respond and was moved to the intensive care unit. He died nine days after the operation to the shock…

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