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Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz charted a path for Toledo’s continued recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic – assisted by a number of new and existing programs, along with unprecedented economic growth – highlighted the victories of 2020, promised an unparalleled residential road repaving program to begin this...
2021 ACC Men's Championship When: Wednesday 24 February to Saturday 27 February Prelims 10:00 | Final 18:00 (1650 prelims Saturday at 16:00) Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, North Carolina (Eastern Time Zone) Chief of Defense: North Carolina State University (NC State) (29x, 6th straight) (results)...
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Tamsin tried to apply for insurance but a visit to a psychologist meant that she was denied

Systematic problems with how life and income protection insurance companies offer policies and assess claims from people with mental health must be fixed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, advocates claim.Keyword:The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a marked increase in the demand for mental health servicesThere are concerns that a large number of people who have been granted access to mental health care may be denied future insurance claims or coverageOnly 8 percent of the mental health consumers who applied for income protection insurance received coverage without exception or additional subsidyThe Public Interest Advocacy Center (PIAC), a community law…

Trump’s top prosecutor has left his team

Trump has struggled to find legal help for his second indictment, with some of the lawyers working at his first trial saying they would not do the same. Bower's employment was was first announced by Trump ally and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. A longtime Republican lawyer, Bowers previously represented the South Carolina Govs. Mark Sanford and Nikki Haley, and had experience in suffrage. News Stores in South Carolina also named trial attorneys Greg Harris and Johnny Gasser as part of Trump's prosecution team, although Trump's aides never officially confirmed who would represent the former president. In a statement, Trump…

“A double standard is in place”: Democrats accuse GOP and Manchin of bias with Biden nominations

On Friday, Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) came out in opposition to Tanden's nomination, quoting his previous tweets that attacked lawmakers on both sides at a time. Two keys The Senate Republicans followed suit. Inside the White House, it did not go unnoticed that many of the legislators who opposed Tanden's social media - including Manchin - voted to confirm Richard Grenell, the sour-tongued Trump booster, to the post of US ambassador to Germany. Democrats on and off the hill also claimed that Tanden, who is of South Asian descent, was one of several color candidates who were treated differently than…

Prisoners in Massachusetts receive reduced sentences with Covid-19 vaccine

If they receive both doses, look at and read training materials and submit one form for approval, they could shorten their sentence, the Department of Corrections said in a memo.The incentive is made possible by a Massachusetts team, which states that prisoners are "entitled to deduction from penalties and final points, commonly known as deductions for good conduct, for participation in and completion of programs and activities" as described in the law.This is what the Commissioner for Section Correction, Carol A. Mici, described as "earning a good deal of time" (OJ) on 28 January PM aimed at prisoners / patients.Prisoners…

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