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Razer Book 13 review: stop playing and start working

For many years, Razer has been making some of the best laptops on the market. They are not very well known for their high performance (the blades are powerful machines but not the fastest out there) or their prices (which are high). They are known for their high quality construction and first class design. In short, Razer manufactures the most stylish laptops on the market. Razer has decided this year that this aesthetic should not be limited to laptop games. In its first notebook designed for productivity instead of gaming, Razer has combined its signature look with a 60Hz 16:10…

NFL 2021 News: Super Bowl LV, Kansas City Chiefs, Next NFL Dynasty, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Chiefs are in the Super Bowl for the second straight season and it feels like the second of what can be many, many appearances in the big game.Unpredictable things happen in sports - it's one of the things people love about them - but it feels like the Chiefs' next NFL dynasty is a sure thing."I do not even think it's an issue," said NFL longtime Joe Banner. "I think we have a dynasty that we are in the middle of even though the numbers would say we are in the beginning."Watch Super Bowl LV: Chiefs v Buccaneers LIVE…

According to Senate judges, the minimum wage is the latest minefield

WASHINGTON (AP) - She has guided the Senate through two deportation trials, troubled Democrats and Republicans with parliamentary views, and helped salvage election certificates from a pro-Trump mob ransacking the Capitol. She also makes spot-on imitations of senators including Bernie Sanders.Elizabeth MacDonough, an English-speaking principal and the Senate's first female parliamentarian, is once again demonstrating why she is one of Washington's most potent, respected but obscure figures. Every day, she is expected to reveal whether she believes a federal minimum wage raises, the most appreciated plank of the progressive Democrats' $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid plan, should fall off the…

Opinion | Herold of Lawsuits to Come

The White House has cleared cabinet offices for Trump nominees, which is fair, but one rehire in particular is worth noting. The employment department is taking back a career lawyer who was fired after she ran an unfounded year-long smear campaign against Oracle. Janet Herold led Labor's lawsuit against Oracle in 2017, claiming systematic wage discrimination against women and minorities. The complaint was based on statistical patterns for color letters and found no evidence that Oracle intentionally discriminated. A judge in the Administrative Court raised Herold's complaint in September and noted in a 280-page statement that "There was no good…

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