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EVANSTON - Patients in the southwestern Wyoming area now have the opportunity to receive the latest technology used to replace the knee and hip thanks to the new robot-assisted lead replacement system at Evanston Regional Hospital. On January 26, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Micah Pullins used...
Returns to golf at the Bridgestone Invitational, after a nearly three-month hiatus. August 11, 2011 - Plays one of his worst first rounds of golf in a major championship. He does not manage to make the cut at the PGA Championship for the first time...

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Child tax deduction compared to childcare: This is how everyone can give more money to parents this year

(NEXSTAR) - While stimulus checks can get most of the headlines from the comprehensive stimulus bill the Democrats are pushing through Congress, families with young children may actually be queuing for a little extra relief - and a different set of checks - from help proposals in the package. For those who first pay attention to their taxes on April 14, two major direct benefits for parents can be confusing. The vote in the House of Representatives provided increased benefits for most parents and an additional boost for those who pay out of pocket for childcare to be able to…

Incentive money and tax breaks for children: What parents and caregivers should know

Under the current incentive proposal, families with children and older adults may be eligible for new tax breaks that could provide thousands of dollars more. Sarah Tew / CNET While you already know President Joe Bidens $ 1.9 trillion stimulus plan includes one third stimulus control of up to $ 1,400 per eligible person, did you know that there are other ways your family can get more money from the proposed bill? Congress is currently working to get American rescue plan (PDF) approved. Here's what's included: a major extension to the tax credit for children, more access to affordable early…

Public storage announces tax dividend from 2020

Get instant alerts when news breaks about your stocks. Claim your free trial period of 1 more week StreetInsider Premium here. GLENDALE, California - (BUSINESS WIRE) - General Storage (NYSE: PSA) today announced the tax treatment of the company's dividend from 2020. For the tax year ending 31 December 2020, 100% of the dividends for the PSA ordinary share and all the different series of preference shares were classified as ordinary income. The company did not declare a capital gain distribution nor did it have any recovered section 1250 profit for 2020. Ordinary dividend income is not "qualified dividend income."…

Our housekeeper does not work when we are at home due to COVID-19. We’re still paying her. Can we treat these payments as a “gift” to lower income tax?

Dear Moneyist, Due to the global pandemic of 2020, my wife and I have been concerned about indoor exposure to others. We are lucky that we can work from home so that we are always here and no one else is allowed in our home. Because of this, we have tried to arrange to be outside the house when our housekeeper comes to clean. This is not always possible, so during the year we asked her to skip cleaning our house on the days when we were home. Understanding that times are tough, we have continued to send payment for…

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