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66 ice fishermen rescued from ice floes in Wisconsin Bay

The US Coast Guard and several other agencies rescued 66 people who were on their way ice floe in a bay in the northeastern part Wisconsin.SEVERAL STORMS FOR CHUG OVER US, MAKING SNOW, DANGEROUS TRAVEL CONDITIONSIce boats and helicopters was used to bring the people who were ice fishing to safety Thursday in Door County. Three separate ice floes broke away after cracks developed between the beach and groups of people, the Coast Guard says.High winds associated with a approaching winter storm drove the flocks further from the shore. No one was injured."Today's success is a direct result of effective…

Biden does not require COVID tests for domestic flights at this time

The weekSenator Kyrsten Sinema effectively vetoed the Democrats' pressure on a minimum wage of $ 15Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D), a senior senator from Arizona, voted in favor of moving forward with a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus plan that could pass with a 50-50 Senate party line. But she does not support adding a federal minimum wage increase to the package, she tells Politico, which effectively kills the press to include a $ 15 minimum wage in the legislation. That is one reason why Sinema, Politico said in its Friday profile, is "the most influential Democrat you will ever hear from."…

New York City rents continue to decline among COVID-19s in the new year

Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up to date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York CityA recent report showed that New York City rents continue to decline during the new year. According to, New York City rents fell by 0.6% in January 2021. The report found that city rents have fallen over the past 13 months, marking a total decline of 21.2% compared to this time last year. The last time rents fell was in December 2019. Year after year, growth in New York City has decreased by 8.4%, as has the national average of…

The United 777 aircraft flew less than half of the flights allowed between checks: sources

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A United Airlines airline with a Pratt & Whitney engine that failed on Saturday had flown less than half of the flights allowed by US regulators between fan blade inspections, say two sources with knowledge of the matter.FILE PHOTO: The damaged starboard engine on United Airlines Flight 328, a Boeing 777-200, is seen after an engine failure incident on February 20, in a hangar at Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado, USA February 22, 2021. National Transportation Safety Board / Dividend via REUTERS . The Boeing Co 777 plane had flown almost 3,000 cycles, which corresponds to…

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