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What is MIB Group and how does it affect life insurance applications?

Assume that the client lists Dr. John Doe as his primary care physician and says he does not see any other physicians. But MIB suggests a psychiatric history, but Dr. Does register has absolutely no information about this. In this case, the airline is looking for additional code details, says Gordon E. Conwell, a higher-risk life insurance specialist at American Term.In other words, the insurance company that reviews this information can reach directly to the other insurance company that coded the psychiatric history. The original insurance company can advise the new insurer on where to apply for psychiatric records.Increase the…

BWI releases updated guide to the 10 best air insurance companies

Corona, USA, February 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Aviation insurance is a complex, small and unique industry and unlike car insurance with 500 different insurance companies, there are less than 20 aviation insurance companies. Each company has different aviation insurance specialties and risk appetites, insurance guidelines and credit ratings. An updated guide released by BWI, one of the country's leading aviation insurance brokers the 10 best airline insurance companies. Aviation insurance is a crucial but low-capacity industry with only a handful of insurance companies that insure hundreds of thousands of aviation and aviation-related risks. The aviation insurance industry, like all…

Good bank loan approvals see long delays

"Many properties are traded outside the market," says Blamey. “Predefined finances can be the difference between success and failure in a negotiated business. This means that buyers must be able to move quickly and be sure of financing when a good property becomes available. ”Other agents claim that mortgage approvals blow out from about 20 to 60 business days as lenders struggle with rapidly rising demand and a growing backlog of applications, exacerbated by COVID-19."Some lenders don't even open the files in 21 days," says Karen Firth, an agent in Perth, where markets are booming as the local economy picks…

Why buying life insurance for your parents can make financial sense

Life insurance can be a good choice if your parents only need coverage for specific years, such as the duration of a mortgage. Keep in mind that if a lifetime policy expires before your parent dies, you will not receive a death benefit.Permanent life insurance does not expire and also has cash value if you need to withdraw money from the insurance before your parents die to cover bills - but the premiums are usually much higher than for a lifetime plan. Plus the cash value needs to be collected for many years, so if you have not had the…

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