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The car insurance company says its claims doubled during the winter storm

MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -The roads have thawed but now it's time for an even bigger headache - to pay for the damage that remains.I think we all know now icy roads and Texans do not mix.There have been a lot of wrecks in Midland and Odessa over the past week while the winter storm gripped the area.In fact, an A-MAX car insurance manager said during the storm that her office received twice as many regular calls."It was crazy," said A-MAX Zone Manager Rebecca Armendariz. "I was dealing more with the Midland-Odessa area and it was just we were pretty overwhelmed."The…

The insurance company’s revenue triples to almost $ 20 million Business observer | Business observer

Buying and buying Medicare Advantage and Supplement insurance can be confusing. That's why Clearwater-based Ensurem set out to simplify the process. The start-up insurance broker and insurance company was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing transparency and choice to the senior insurance market. "We just felt that seniors were not given the opportunity to really shop and see what's in their areas," said founder and CEO Dave Rich, 65. It's a long-delayed disruption in the industry, says Rich, a 40-year-old insurance veteran who has held senior positions at major insurance companies such as Great American Financial Resources and…

Rental car insurance market 2021: Can see a big move | Alliance, Citigroup, Hertz

Rent car insurance marketThe research emphasizes the development of COVID-19 Outbreak-Global rental car insurance market strategy for industry players in the precision of import / export consumption, supply and demand. The study begins with an introduction about the company / manufacturers that profiles and states a strategic concept behind the business with methods for assessing and analyzing the market. It also describes the COVID-19 Outbreak- Rental Car Insurance player / manufacturer strategy in the light of Porters, Value Chain & SWOT analysis, and based on that recommendation, players such as Enterprise, Times Mobility Networks, Toyota, Allianz, Hertz, EHi Car Service,…

Climate change is increasing the risk of flooding around the country. Insurance rates do not follow, the report states

At present, there are almost 4.3 million residential properties around the country with a significant risk of financial loss due to floods. The report defines "significant risk" as a flood risk of 1% for any year.Some, but not all, of these homeowners have insurance through the Federal Government's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which provides more than 90% of flood insurance in the United States.But the report shows that these homes face losses every year that dwarf the cost of their NFIP premiums. The The average NFIP premium cost today for these properties is approximately $ 981, but their expected…

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