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NYC’s mayoral candidate Andrew Yang tests positive for COVID-19

NEW YORK - New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang has tested positive for COVID-19.The Democratic candidate for mayor released a statement on Tuesday, saying he is experiencing mild symptoms and quarantine in accordance with public health guidelines.Yang said he tested negative "as recently as this weekend", but took a COVID-19 rapid test on Tuesday and got a positive result.The former presidential candidate remains in a good mood and will move his campaign to virtual events.His team also began the tracking process to notify anyone who may have been in close contact with him. .

Fort Bliss soldiers were poisoned after drinking a substance they thought was alcohol

Eleven soldiers at a military base in Texas have been hospitalized after drinking a toxic substance that they thought was alcohol, military officials said. Soldiers drank the unknown substance after a 10-day field exercise at the Fort Bliss McGregor Range Complex ended on Thursday, Fort Bliss officials said in a statement. Officials said the soldiers believed they were drinking alcohol, which is prohibited at the base. They then began to experience symptoms between 7:00 and 13:00 the same day. All were taken to William Beaumont Army Medical Center, and two soldiers were admitted to the intensive care unit because they…

How to watch Real Madrid vs. Real Sociedad – La Liga | Leva …

[embed][/embed]Real Madrid's Ferland Mendy, right, celebrates with Real Madrid's Raphael Varane the end of the Champions League, round of 16, football match in the first stage between Atalanta and Real Madrid, at Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo, Wednesday 24 February 2021. (AP Photo / Luca Bruno)APPast Lauren Williams | [email protected] Real Madrid and Real Sociedad meet on Monday afternoon when the La Liga game continues. Real Madrid have won four of their last five matches and look set to get closer to the top of the table. Real Sociedad have won three of their last five matches and are in fifth…

Ana Navarro calls McCarthy’s visit to Trump ‘white slavery’: He looks like he ‘is owned by his master’

Ana Navarro pannade House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthylast meeting with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago and said the GOP congressman is a "slave" to the former commander. Serves as a host for "Wine" On Friday, Navarro wept against the Republican Party for failing to "get rid of the cross they have had" by not supporting Trump's accusation. She accused the former president of splitting up the GOP and opening up the party to "all sorts of nuts."MEGHAN MCCAIN KNOCKS BIDENS TIDAL WAVE OF EXECUTIVE ORDERS: 'THIS ISN'T HEALING'"Instead, it's what we see Kevin McCarthy, who has been everywhere, gone down and…

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